Jingle Bel-dens!

Yahoo! As they say, the 3rd time is a charm….

Today, we went to see Santa at the mall. Maddie was mildly disinterested in the idea until we picked Sam up from school, and he showed excitement at the idea. He had lots of questions on the trip, mostly along the lines of “What will Santa say if I ask for TWO DVDs? What will he say if I ask for “Lots and lots of Trains and Lots and Lots of Tractors?” And although the first thing that came to mind was “Son, you watch altogether too much TV, apparently”, what I managed to respond was more along the more appropriate lines of “Be a good boy and listen to your Mommy”. (As its never too soon to play the Santa card in this house.)

We arrived shortly thereafter, and after securing a prime parking spot (unusual), walked together to Santa’s workshop. Maddie was awestruck. I was struck speechless – there was no line! No one even on Santas lap! (You see where my priorities lie…)

We walked the line around the workshop, gave their names quietly to the woman who was getting info about pictures while the kids bounced impatiently.

They approached Santa, who smiled widely and said “Hello, Sam – how are you today” — and for the first time in 3 years, Sam did not freeze in shock at the idea that the big guy KNEW him. Santa chatted with Sam for a minute while Maddie looked shyly on, then said “hello Maddie”. They sat on his knee, grinned hugely, and chatted some more.

At long last, wonderful pictures with our winsome Santa!

Afterwards, I asked Maddie what she asked for (as she is still figuring out this whole Santa thing) and she replied cheerfully “A map”.

A what?

Sam disgustedly replied “Maddie, you can’t ask for a map. You need to ask for a toy.” She stubbornly replied, quite happily “No Sham, a map.”

Go figure…..

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