My Sneak Peek at Disney’s Tomorrowland

I confess: any more, I hesitate to turn on the morning news  because it seems to all gloom, doom and stories of destruction and despair. That’s not what I want filling the minds of my sensitive, imaginative kids as they walk out the door, headed to school.

That is just one of the many reasons why I left the screening of Disney’s “Tomorrowland” last night with such a smile on my face – because it was a film about HOPE.

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My Sneak Peak of Disney’s #Tomorrowland


Disney’s mystery adventure “Tomorrowland” stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie, and the previews have been as I like them – keeping much of the storyline close to the chest.  (Don’t you hate it when you could almost take a pass on the movie itself because you feel like you’ve seen the best parts after watching the previews?) My kids and I have been looking forward to the May 22 release of Tomorrowland since the first previews were first aired in theaters!

Ok, honestly, it blew me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but it delivered and then some, cleverly leaving me at the edge of my seat.. It was surprising, charming and funny, (and packed an inspirational message). I don’t even know how to describe it!

The previews play like the film is set in Tomorrowland (in location and time), but it’s so much more than that – it is really about now.

Robertson’s character is earnest and curious and brave, with that unflappable quality of the imaginative and resourceful. She is what I hope my kids will be. She is a dreamer.


I’m happy to say that I think the film is generally kid friendly, too – the any violence is cartoonish enough that my kids’ overactive imaginations won’t lead them to nightmares.

My only complaint – if I had to claim one – is that Clooney’s character is a bit of the old curmudgeon. The man is basically my age, so I’m struggling with that, honestly, but his disillusionment and jaded attitude shift into something more palpable as you begin to see disappointment and almost a sense of abandonment show through as more of the story is revealed.

I can’t wait to take the entire family when the movie is released on Friday, May 22.

I am a long-time Disney fan, and if you want a bit of insight into Tomorrowland at the 1964 World Fair, here you go:


“Tomorrowland” embodies Walt Disney’s optimistic view of the future, and I think, somewhere, he is smiling.

Just as I was when I left the theater.

Want to know why? Go watch the movie!


  1. I really want to see it. My teenager isn’t so gung ho, but I am hopeful the previews can help inspire him to change his mind.

    • I’ll be honest….the previews don’t do the movie justice. Really. It’s clever and funny. I hope he gives it a shot!

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