A Cinderella Kind of Day Day

My daughter has been begging to get her ears pierced for ages.

Her father had agreed she could…when she was sixteen.

I finally pulled out the mom card, and said she could when she turned nine.

That was this past Monday.

So yesterday, I had a very excited little big girl. Yesterday I got to play fairy Godmother. We went to a local salon for kids where she had a mini manicure and pedicure.

The stylist gave her hair a twist back with pin and a blast of glitter hairspray to hold it in place in preparation for the ear-piercing to come. Then she gave Pea’s cheeks some glittery flowers and butterflies. The cotton candy lotion they rubbed on her arms was chock full of glitter, too, and a sparkly ring completed the picture.


Then the manicurist gave her some sparkly grape  lotion for her legs and feet, and a pedicure to match her flip flops, complete with a birthday cupcake on her toe!

And more glitter.


Then…at long last (for a nine-year-old) and after much deliberation on earring choice, she sat ready to have her ears pierced. A count to five began…..


And on “three” they pulled the trigger.

That good friend in Chicago who told her “it didn’t hurt at ALL” was proved to be a bit of a liar.

But after the tears cleared, and a bit of shopping therapy to distract her (you are never to young to know that a new purse makes everything feel better) AND some chewable Advil from mom’s purse, all was well and the excitement returned.


To complete our Cinderella day, we were going to see Cinderella!

We had some down time between the salon and the movie, so we headed to the food court for a snack and I surprised her with some fun Cinderella activity sheets. Since I’m feeling Fairy Godmother-ish,  here they are for your little (or big) one, too:









Since I wasn’t sure how long we would be at the salon, I hadn’t pre-purchased movie tickets. When we arrived at the cinema, we discovered that the next show was sold out, and people were already lining up for the one after that! We hopped in a line that was filled with everything from parents and Cinderella-gowned toddlers to teenagers to seniors, and waited.

It was worth the wait. The movie was just…lush. Miss M was so very sad when Ella was sent to the attic to sleep, and we both wanted to be able to spin in that glorious dress she wore. It was a truly magical movie.

The perfect way to top of a truly magical day.



  1. Gmom Phyl says

    Yes, the perfect way to top a magical day!!

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    And one must have a daughter to have this kind of day!!!

  3. My 8 and 10 year old had theirs done December also, they were quite brave but you could see them jump and eye water.
    Looks like you had a great Mother-Daughter time which will be a great memory for both of you.

    • She was certain it wouldn’t hurt (because a friend told her so…the fibber) so I felt a bit bad for her but the way they do it now beats getting them done one at a time! Lovely memories once the pain fades, yes!

      • Bless her and yes I agree about the two guns, I prefer that. Unfortunately mine had the one ear at a time method but it was a hairdresser that I knew so she was great, she also shot on 2 so the kids weren’t waiting for pain on 3,lol.
        Bet she loves her new shiny ears now?

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