A Sneak Peek at “Frozen Fever”

Disney junkies that we are here in Momma’s house, you better believe that my daughter and I are anxiously awaiting the upcoming release of Disney’s new live-action Cinderella movie! While the guys hole up with their soccer matches on the TV, we’ll be heading to the cinema the week of March 13 to check it out as a special mommy/Maddie date, just in time for her birthday

Which is perfect timing, as an added treat for us both will be the animated short “Frozen Fever” that will be screened with the Cinderella. A happy two-for-one birthday treat!


And I have a sneak preview of it for you.

Right. Here.


In Frozen Fever, finds Elsa and Kristoff planning a celebration for Anna’s birthday, but when Elsa catches a cold, her powers may cause some trouble!

I’m silly excited.

I mean, look at her SHOES. Everything about the movie is gorgeous – the costumes, the cinematography.




In fact, here’s the newest Cinderella trailer, just because.

Just. Magic.

Which leads me to the question: what is your favorite classic Disney animated film?


  1. I have three because it depends on my mood. Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Monsters, Inc. But then again, I like me some Jungle Book, Toy Story, and when I am in a princess mood Little Mermaid.

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