Ice Storms

I woke up to this.

THIS is not snow.

THIS is ice.

What was falling from the sky was termed “sleet” here in North Dallas. In Chicago, sleet is wet.

This was more like tiny hail.

I was surprised.

For the past few days, all the talk on the news has been about the impending ice storm: how schools and businesses will close, how people* don’t know how to drive on ice so it is best to stay home.

(*Interestingly, there are two schools of thought: the first is that the locals do not know how to drive on ice, the second is that the problem is with those from colder states who think they are gonna show the locals just HOW you drive on ice – and then miss the black ice and fail miserably. Since I come from a “colder” state, I will tell you that you DON’T drive on ice.)

Anywho. Since the kids stay indoors for recess when the temps drop below 40°, I wasn’t sure if it would be truly bad, or just this:

On the news last night, the anticipated sleet didn’t really hit our area, just rain – A LOT of rain, too, making me grateful it wasn’t snow. The second wave was due to pass through overnight with rain turning to sleet at 6:30 a.m. and the overnight lows were cold enough to freeze all of it. This water damage would not be good for our roof as it was already partially damaged anyway. We’ve been going through our insurance policy to see if that can help, but there’s so much missing from it. After this we’ve chosen to look into a different provider – simply insurance wrote a guide to what home insurance covers that has helped a friend, so I may use it – to get this damage sorted out as soon as possible. After all, if anything was going to happen like they said on the news, the damage might even reach the point where we would need the assistance of someone like an austin roofing company, to get the roof looking as good as new. Getting a roof repaired as soon as possible is important for security.

Brrr. We did.

And dagnabit if I didn’t forget to bring in the planters full of pansies that were so cheerily blooming last week.

They don’t look so good now.

Nope. Not snow. Look close.


Lots of ice, everywhere.

Did I mention that our driveway slopes?

And that our front walk is actually stepped?

Are they slippery? Let’s assume YES.

I’m an accident waiting to happen, so I’m not going to test it.

There is an upside to the ice storm. It served as the act of God I needed to get the Hubs car into his garage. I unpacked, pitched and sorted 95% of it a few weeks ago and have been asking when we’d move the pile of bricks the builder left inside so that the car would fit.

Answer: last night.

Everything else got tossed in my garage or shoved to the front of his so that we could back in his car, because, sloped driveway. The heaping pile of junk was not the progress I was hoping for, but we won’t be scraping windows.

And since I have vivid images of myself sliding down the driveway and landing on my back, and I have no desire to take on that mess out on the roads, so I’m not complaining about the day off from school my kids won today.

Snow I can drive on.

The only use I have for ice is to keep my margarita cold.

Which is good, because the weather is not warming up enough to melt the ice, and if the school parking lots are iced over, there’s no school again tomorrow. Since my kids are used to snow, playing outside in this has zero appeal. It could be day two at home.

So margaritas may be in order. Cheers!


  1. I was going to ask if you were taking your planters in.

  2. I don’t believe it!! You were supposed to have left all that behind in Chicago.

  3. OK, that was a lot of ice and us from the “north” know better to drive on that. Heck, I wish we would get some ice just so I can stay home and not go to work. Stupid salt.

    I have to say I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the pansies. You had just posted on FB that you had to remember to bring them in due to the impending ice storm. Don’t you love your mid-forties when your brain has trouble remembering something for two seconds!

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