NaBloPoMo November was a Bust

I think it is safe to say that signing up for NaBloPoMo last month – in the middle of trying to sell our house and plan and out-of-state move – was not the sanest of my decisions.

I was hoping that it would give me a reason to sit down and write when I have so many other things that would nudge their way into my line of sight and distract me.

You know how it goes.

Poke, poke went that box of miscellaneous china pieces that my husband inherited and have been gathering dust in the attic for two years. TWO YEARS. “You don’t want to move me again, do you?”, it coyly asked.

Poke, poke goes that pile of the kids’ picture books that needed to be sorted through.  As a book lover and a writer and a “when I grow up I want to illustrate children’s story books” dreamer, parting with books is hard but parting with the books that my kids and I LOVE? sigh That task didn’t go too well.

Poke, poke went that old box of picture frames that SHOULD have been rehung on the walls, but then we learned we were moving and why mar all the fresh paint? (Well, I did get through half of the boxes. Yes, I said boxES.)

But yesterday the movers came. This is a corporate move, so I do nothing but pace and pray they don’t mess up everything. Today they are back and finishing the actual packing, and tomorrow they load the truck, and are off.

And unfortunately for me, while my belongings will hit Dallas on Sunday, most likely, the kids and I won’t arrive until December 22.

Yes, you read that right.

I have a day before Christmas Eve to get my shit together.

I will be catering Christmas dinner, by the way.

As you can imagine, my brain, which over processes everything, twice, is all tangled up about the approach to take. And so I need another distraction.

So what else can I do, but sign up for NaBloPoMo in December?

November may be a bust, but I have no plans for next week except to drink tea all day (because the movers packed my Keurig before I could stop them) and write. And maybe watch endless Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.

In my jammies.

Because I’m doing nothing. NOTHING.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..


  1. Jenn, you doing nothing, I can’t see it! Send pictures!!

  2. (((Big Hugs)))! It is so hard watching the movers. I hated it. You’re just stuck and have to be there but it is just terrible watching it all walk out the door. It’s all very exciting though. Enjoy your next few weeks of down time! I’m sure that once you arrive in Dallas on the 22 you are going to want to unpack and have all your stuff set up and you won’t be relaxing! xo

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