He got braces yesterday, and apparently, not enough questions were asked. We didn’t even ask “What is a dental arch?“. That could have been more suitable than braces! If you’re not happy with how your teeth look at the moment, getting braces could be the answer to this issue. There are many people out there who may be in a similar situation. Plus, if you haven’t visited a dentist for a while, this may be a step worth taking, as they could give you advice regarding getting braces and how to keep up with your general oral hygiene. Plus, having braces isn’t as bad as people used to make out it was, especially if it can help improve your smile. Anyway, if getting braces is something that you have considered or are certain that this is the treatment for you, it could be as simple as finding out more information at It’s best to go into this with all the information, as getting braces is something you need to be committed to for a number of years (potentially) in order to see positive results.

“NO CHEWY FOOD – I can’t eat steak – SEE??!!!!” he lamented (again) as he read the list of forbidden foods – a comment that I have repeatedly rejected as false since he first heard the news.

We’ve had this conversation before.

No, they mean chewy-sticky food, I replied, (again), like Skittles or taffy. The kind his Halloween basket was loaded with; the kind he had forgotten he couldn’t eat.

“I’m going to STARVE to death”, he grumped at dinner. Never mind I made his favorite slow-cooker pork recipe because it would be easy to eat. I’ll make you lots of meatloaf, I promised, and that seemed to placate him, although I could think of a dozen things I make that are better than meatloaf. (I do make a mean meatloaf, though.)

Tempers flared at bedtime, when the directions for the confidently named “SuperFloss” were a bit too much to take in, as was the sight of his little sister happily, confidently flossing her 24-hours-older braces. It was completely, maddeningly infuriating.

The inside of his mouth hurt and his front tooth felt loose (look, it IS wobbling) and what if he gets hit in the mouth and his mouth guard is too small and life just STINKS.

Sometimes, it feels like the world IS against you.

He woke up this morning, and his teeth hurt worse than the day before (kind of like the dental assistant said they might). So did his sister’s “but not as much as his.”

Of course.

A dose of ibuprofen and off to school and at the end of the day, after another meal of soft-ish food cut up:

“Hey, I’m getting better at this flossing thing.”

Maybe the world isn’t against you.

Just maybe, sometimes, you’re your own worse enemy.

And that’s a battle that can be won with a bit of time, practice, patience and/or an attitude adjustment.


  1. Perfectionists ARE their own worst enemy!

  2. Grown men groan too, so he’s in good company! No fun having braces, though. I empathise. Hope he finds the cool side of his new teeth soon. 🙂

  3. Mommysquared says

    your son is in good company, my 8 year old is in phase one of braces with a roof expander, she too is having trouble understanding what’s chewy and what’s not and how well to brush and floss, another right of passage!

    • Oh, and expander AND braces! Poor girl! That’s a rough go. Mine had the expanders first and then the braces, and that was challenge enough.

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