Getting it Off His Chest.

The last few weeks have gone by in a crazy rush of cleaning and sorting and de-cluttering as we work to get our house on the market. I spent a few intense days (sweating in 95 degree weather) house-hunting in the North Dallas suburbs over the weekend, while a new roof and final landscaping was going on back home.  (Thank goodness for patient grandparents who had the foresight to send the roofers home at 8:30 when they returned from dinner out to find the driveway littered with Corona bottle caps. And the guys still strapped to the roof. Ouch.)

Now back in Chicago, the pressure to get everything finished for listing is weighing on me and I’m completely distracted and disorganized, short-tempered and just not myself.

And I’m not the only one.

My poor Boo has been out of sorts. We’ve had a couple of late nights this week where we’ve sat up talking. At the end, he apologies for the late bedtime, saying “I just had to get some stuff off my chest”.

Oh, my heart. I tell him he never needs to apologize for needing to talk.


I’m grateful he is talking to me, but he is such a deep soul and I feel like there is more simmering beneath the surface that I’m not yet reaching.  He had another frustrating day today, and we got into it regarding a poor (and not-like-him) attitude regarding some homework. We talked it out later calmly, and then he turned to the laptop and pounded this out.


You wouldn’t know…

By Sam B.

You would not know who, but I do. You would not know what, but I do. You would not know where, but I do. You would not know why, but I do.You would not know how, but I do. I know most things, I know, and you can’t stop me. You cannot do anything to me. I am unbeatable.You cannot stop me for the world. not for anything in the world. I am strong. And you wouldn’t know it….



And you realize just how much you don’t know sometimes, with regards to what’s going on inside.

Some days, I just want to hold him close and keep him little, and I forget how strong he is.

Some days, I tell myself “he’ll be fine, it’s Miss M I worry about” and I forget that he’s just a kid too, and a sensitive one, and I make myself listen closer….and encourage him to keep writing.

And hold on a little tighter when I get one of those now rare hugs.


  1. Dear sweet Sam.

  2. I know his father pretty well. And a good deal about his mother. Both very sensitive, deep, and perfectionists. It is good he has a safe way to express his feelings, both to Mom and on the computer. Keep up the good work. Doesn’t make Mom’s feelings and job any easier.

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