Around Chicago: A Night out at Medieval Times

Disclosure: I have been compensated with tickets and a goody bag to attend this event. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

It is full steam ahead into another hot Chicago summer, and we’ve been searching for something new and different to do as a family.

So when I was given the opportunity to go to a dinner and tournament at Medieval Times (located in Schaumburg, IL),  I jumped at the opportunity. My kids had gone with their school – their ENTIRE elementary school – earlier this spring and they had a great time; somehow, my husband and I had never been ourselves, so we were really looking forward to the evening.

My daughter knew the drill, so she led us through the paces as there is much to see before the itself show started.  She dragged us through the Hall of Arms towards the horses stabled in back, across from the “medieval torture museum”.  We toured the museum, cringing as we read the descriptions of the various items of torture.

As we left, my daughter commented that, if she lived in the middle ages, she would be “a very good girl”.  I’m sure she would, particularly after seeing some of those contraptions! Fascinating and a bit horrible all at the same time.

Following our tour, we headed to the hall to be seated. As my daughter was dressed in a princess dress, she was greeted as Princess and bowed to regally. The man in charge of the torture museum chastened her from bended knee, telling her he could not rise until she gave him permission – and with that, and a giggle, she whispered “you may rise”.  They do well at setting the scene.

Over the next two hours, we would see six knights compete in jousts – and once one had been knocked off their horse by an opponent – fight in hand to hand battle. Ours was the Black-and-White knight, and on this evening, he was the winner of the tournament!



The pageantry and skill of these beautifully trained horses was breathtaking.



There was also a falconry display,  and of course, the knights collected flowers from the princess to give to other princesses in the stands.

This is one princess who was delighted to receive a rose from her knight!



Of course, during all the action we feasted!  This being a medieval setting, there was no silverware. The little ones will quite enjoy eating with their hands!  I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality (and quantity) of the food we were served. The menu included garlic bread, tomato soup, oven-roasted “baby dragon” (a.k.a roast chicken), roasted “dragon eggs” (roasted potato), a yummy spare rib, and a pastry. The food was hot and amazingly tasty.

How do you eat soup with no spoon, you may ask?

Why, in a heavy bowl with a handle, of course!



(I admit to getting so caught up in the action that I didn’t take a picture of the meal before digging in….this is why I’ll never make it as a food blogger. Needless to say, it plated just as it did in the promotional photos.)

Photo from Medieval Times.


While my 10-year-old somehow managed to pack away his entire meal, I found that there was more food than I could manage in one sitting. The server thoughtfully provided a carry out box towards the end of the meal.

At the end of the event, the knights were seated outside the hall, granting a happy princess one last chance at a photo.



Medieval Times offers a fun night out for the entire family! To learn more about it, you can follow them on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.

Chicago isn’t the only location for Medieval Times, either. Other castles can be found in Buena Park (CA), Dallas, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Lyndhurst (NJ), Baltimore/Washington, DC, Orlando and in Toronto.

However, if you live in and around Chicago, I have a special treat for you! I’m giving away a family pack of four tickets to the Schaumburg castle!

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  1. Gmom Phyl says

    What a wonderful event, with great pictures! Princess Maddie was appropriately recognized as royalty. I’ll bet Sam loved the torture museum. Would love to have seen the horse show.

  2. Thanks for the review! My gal has been begging to go, and I wondered if the whole family would enjoy it.

  3. Your daughter looked like she loved it! I love how the staff got down on one knee for her! So sweet! I have to take my little to the one in NJ. Glad you all had a fabulous time!

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