Springtime Spruce Up

This is the spot where I typically write.

An interesting fact, which you would not be aware of, is that this is only the second time (the first was last week) that I am writing with the blinds on my doors OPEN since November.

November, people. It’s crazy!! Anyway, I’m hoping to purchase new blinds across the entire house from shuttercraft in the not too distant future.

There is a simple reason why: a repair to the foundation drains destroyed our backyard, leaving me with a view akin to a mud bog for the past month, and a hilly snow pile for the months before that, along with what I could only describe as a small moat, thanks to a pitiful back-filling job. If I left the blinds open, my spaniel would try to perch on one of the two eight-inch wide concrete slabs that used to support the back steps that were no longer there and beg to come in.

I had visions of hauling her out of a snowy moat with a broken bone obtained from sliding off her precarious perch. I had worse visions of having to run around the yard with her in my arms, so she could think she was still chasing the mad squirrels who dared enter her territory.

I am an enabler of sorts.

However, last week we had a crew of people come in with a massive load of soil, mulch, sod, and plants, and they have made right the eyesore that was our yard. Sorry that it took so long, neighbors. Finally, we have a beautiful and functional garden! It still needs a few accessories and some garden furniture but we’re really pleased with how it’s worked out. We’ve planted various flowers so we’ve got a lot of colors in the garden and I’ve had a look at some simple furniture sets after a friend told me to visit Charming Bench website. I haven’t decided what furniture will go best though just yet as it’s quite a big space but there’s no rush. I’m admiring the grass for now as I haven’t seen any in so long!

The yard looks lovely – our poor neighbors behind us told me delightedly that it looks like a park! In fact, it looked so lovely that it had me throwing a critical eye to the rest of our landscaping. The bed to the left of our front porch was disrupted for the same work, but the Hubs helpfully shoveled all the dirt back so no moat out there. However, a few of hedge plants went to plant heaven, so one side looked barren, while the other side was overcrowded thanks to an ugly, scraggly pine that was growing sideways. I finally nagged convinced him that the scraggly pine looked even worse and needed to come out sooner than later, and so he and Miss M dug it out over the previous weekend. We also need to turn our attention to the drive, I would like to put in a gravel driveway some point soon; I think that would look really nice.

With the backyard soon ablaze with color, and in spite of the porch bed tidied, the front of the house looked forgotten, necessitating a trip to Home Depot’s garden department. This is always a questionable visit for me as I have zero gardening skills.

Mostly because I forget to water plants. They need water.

(They don’t tell me they need to be fed like my kids or the dog are able to do. Truth be told, it’s a good thing that babies cry when they are hungry, or we might have problems on that end, too. I get a bit distracted from time to time.)

I went, I bought, but of course, not enough.

After a second trip to the garden center, I now have freshly planted window boxes and planters. I also have herbs growing in one pot and cherry tomatoes growing in another. (I’d prefer to plant them in the ground, but dogs + squirrels = mass destruction.)

I even bought a watering can. Progress!

I did this all without disrupting my manicure. Double winning!

I’m mighty pleased with the end results. After spending a winter with dug up beds, empty window boxes (I had the best of intentions to decorate for winter, really) and snow piled up to your pants, the house was lacking in curb appeal. It’s definitely looking more welcoming now.

And, well, if someone could just remind me to water my plants?

I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Have you done your spring spruce up yet?

What things, big and small, make your yard and garden look fresh and inviting?


  1. I love a yard update. Ours is right at the brink of being planted (we’re in the Northeast). Can’t wait to get the annuals in. Thanks for the post.

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    the backyard looks lovely, Jenn, and you have done a very nice job with your flowers in front. Just remember to water.

  3. Unfortunately, I have been slacking in sprucing up the yard this year. We desperately want to move and so we just do not feel like putting any extra effort into where we are right now. I love all the projects you did!

    • It’s tough to invest when you are ready to move! I will say that a few pots of flowers around the yard looks welcoming. Go treat yourself to a few cheery potted geraniums for the front steps and patio – good for you and for buyers (and you can take them with you when you go!)

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