Prayers on a (Not so) Silent Sunday

This picture was intended for a  “Silent Sunday” post.

But it spoke to me, and honestly, Silent Sunday posts that aren’t , well, silent – I have no patience for that kind of thing.  I mean, just a picture? Silent. Picture and WORDS: not silent.

But patience? Well, lately, that isn’t my strong suit.

Or is holding my temper.

It isn’t my daughter’s strong suit, either.  Actually, everyone in Momma’s house has been a bit shouty lately.

Granted, there is a lot going on around here, and we’re all a bit on edge. And cranky.

But my little one – she can be deep and thoughtful, too.

Our church provides a clipboard with a baggie of crayons, a Gospel activity coloring page and a prayer card for the younger children who might be a bit fidgety during the service. M worked feverishly on her card in order to finish it in time to add it to the collection plate.

What she wrote humbled me.



















We’ve talked about how she needs to work on her temper and staying calm.

She reached out for help in the sweetest way possible.

I say those same words every night as I go to bed, it seems. Every. Night.

But I don’t think I often remember to say “thank you”, with love.

And I’m the grown up.

I think I can learn a thing or two from my little one.



  1. Love that Maddie

  2. A message to Madeleine from Howard’s daughter. Dear Maddie, My Dad was a perfectionist like you are. He liked everything in order. Maybe that is why he was a math professor. He was usually very thoughtful and patient. However, when he got mad, he got MAD!!
    If he was mad at me and my brother John, we had to help him with his Saturday chores. He had a little white chair we sat on. He placed it wherever he was working. We did NOT LIKE sitting in that chair.
    So good luck being a perfectionist with a temper. We have a lot of that in our family!

    Love, Gmom Phyl

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