Something Is Coming…It is Maleficent

Well, you know I drank the Mouse juice years ago, and I love all things Disney. (Heck, at this moment there is a good possibility that I’m sitting onboard the Disney Fantasy and getting ready to ride the Aquaduck.)


I always enjoy a movie that offers up a different perspective on an old favorite, and this one looks to fill the ticket.

Disney’s upcoming release, “Maleficent” is just that.  Not unlike Wicked, “Maleficent” is the “untold” story of the evil fairy queen in the Sleeping Beauty story.  How does she become evil? This is the story of what happens to turn her heart to stone.

Angelina Jolie is perfection in the teaser previews, and this take on “Once Upon a Dream” gives me the shivers:

The three fairy godmothers are present in the story, but look a bit different from what you might have remembered:

Gone are the plump, jolly godmothers Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. These cute little fairy protectors  are named Flittle, Thistlewit and Knotgrass. (And yes, that is Imelda Staunton.)

This is the classic Sleeping Beauty story told from the point of view of the “evil” fairy queen, and the previews have a dark edge to them. Angelina Jolie looks downright scary with her horns and blood-red lips, and I’m sure my eight year old will be in my lap for part of it, since she and her best friend screamed their way through the bear scenes in “Brave”.

Despite that, we both love the story and can’t wait for the movie.

We’ll be counting down the days to the May 30 opening, to be sure.


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    OMG, Jenn, do you think it will better than “Frozen”? Marty and I will surely see it!

  2. Us, too! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite old Disney movie because of Malifacent. I should pull out my horns to wear to opening weekend.

  3. i JUST saw the trailer for this and it looks amazing…and not something I would typically be interested in.

  4. When we took our kids to Disneyland many, many moons ago, our daughter was so scared of Maleficent that when she saw her in person at Cinderella’s castle she actually pooped her pants. She was only 4, but still. Wonder if she’ll be going to the movie now that shes a big girl of 28?

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