Cool Invitations, Stationery and Calendars: A review of

In general, I am an organized person. However, I have a teeny, tiny confession to make.

I haven’t actually made my 2014 calendar, and I’m still using my 2013 calendar. (Two years ago, things got crazy at Christmas, and since the calendar we were using at the time was a 13 month calendar, well, I made the next year’s calendar much later than intended.) Fast forward two years, and last year’s calendar actually ends with March 2014.

It is time for a new calendar, and I want something a little more refined this year, so I was DELIGHTED to discover that in addition to cards and invitations, the online stationery store Minted offers personalized photo calendars!

If you haven’t ordered from Minted before, I bet you’ve received a Christmas card from a friend or family member that was created on the Minted website.  They are unique cards on heavy card stock, and really stand out.

And if you know me…I’m easily distracted, so I had to poke around the website first. There are so many adorable things to be found! For example, with spring right around the corner (dare we hope?) and by the look of my Facebook feed, we are definitely heading in to baby shower season.  My baby-making days are over, but I adore this invite. Who wants me to throw them a baby shower??? This would be perfect for a boy or a girl.

And look at the sweet matching party accessories! Customizable banners, cupcake tags…I could die from the cuteness.

(You can find more shower invitations at

While I was looking at invitations and thinking all things baby, it occurred to me that I haven’t actually created birthday invitations for my own kids (both of whom have birthdays this month.) Oops.

What I really appreciated about the party invitation section is that you could search by age, and I could weed out the younger-themed invites for something more age appropriate for my two. My soon-to-be 8-year-old is hoping for a slumber party…I know she would LOVE something like this.

(Can I send an invitation to one girl? I don’t know if I’m ready for five or six overstimulated eight-year-olds running around the house at midnight.)

While a lot of my friends are moving to electronic invitations (which I promptly lose in my inbox), I still love the idea of sending something your guests can stick to their refrigerator or bulletin board. I know my daughter loves seeing invites hanging on display.

Another item I discovered on Minted was their line of stationery. I had asked for stationery for Christmas, but when my husband brought me a catalog to choose from, the prices were ridiculous and the designs a bit dull. I was looking for something simple and fun, and I think I have finally found it.  I really had no idea that Minted created products other than cards. Silly me.

So back to the calendars that originally brought me to the Minted website. They are absolutely gorgeous, and in addition to standard sizes, they also make oversized ones which are really unique.  I’m thinking this one might be the winner:

My husband will be thrilled, as he can start marking off April events on something other than a sticky note at the bottom of our current calendar. Creating a calendar was easy: photos uploaded fast and the dates were easy to edit. I will say that, as you should do with anything, set up an account first and save frequently, as the slider for photos can also slide your calendar right off the screen. Thankfully, I had saved my project so I could reload it easily.

What I really love most about Minted is that they have such unique designs.  They crowd-source all their art and designs from independent designers all over the globe.

Which is going to make for a really beautiful photo calendar.

Next year, honey, I promise I’ll order one in December.

* * * * *

Disclosure: Yes, this is a sponsored post. I received payment, trade and/or products from Minted in exchange for reviewing the site. But, as always, I only promote things I love, and all opinions are 100% and enthusiastically my own.


  1. The Minted offerings are adorable! Thank you for sharing. I had not heard of the company, and I agree completely that printed invitations beat emailed ones, hands down!


    • Thank you for the comment!
      I’m old school, and a big fan of hand-written anything so any chance I get to use snail mail is fine by me.

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