Sing Along With Disney’s Frozen


My family absolutely fell in LOVE with Disney’s animated feature Frozen, and when I received news that they would be releasing a sing-along version nationwide on Friday, January 31, Miss M and I were thrilled. THRILLED.

Today I was sent a link to a sing-along version of “Let It Go”, one of our favorites. I played it for Miss M as she was getting ready for an after-school snack.

She sang loudly and with much GUSTO and with no particular affinity to note or key. And loudly.

Did I mention she sang loudly?

I appreciated her enthusiasm, I really did.

I may have to consider going to a later, less populated showing.

If you see us in the theater this weekend, well, you’ve been warned.

Here’s the sing-along version of “Let It Go”, for you to have a warm-up before the release on Friday!

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