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Despite all my best intentions over the past year, my midsection has definitely spread, and somewhere along the way I misplaced my waist. My belts are very confused about where they are supposed to be; I doubt around my neck is the best place, although that is about the only place they fit these days.

I’d like to blame it on the approach of middle age, or changes in hormones, but the reality is that it is likely more due to my reintroduction to Dunkin Donuts and lack of exercise over the past year. Even the dog looks at me reproachfully these days.

While I have had luck losing excess pounds with WeightWatchers in the past, the second I stop tracking I’ll encounter some sort of stress, and every good habit gets tossed out the window in exchange for stress eating, and eventually the weight creeps back on. I’m tired of pointing and tracking and what-have-you, so I’ve been trying to work some basic stuff into my weekly routines.

Here’s what I have been doing:

I’m wearing a wristband pedometer that more accurately tracks my daily steps than anything I’ve ever used before.

Which basically means that at the end of the day, I can see exactly how lazy I was. Fabulous.

I’m drinking a lot more water since I seem to have a problem with water retention, as evidenced by the marks left on my ankles in the morning from the socks that I wear to bed each night. By water I do mean actual water straight from the tap, not the kind run through my coffee maker.

(This, of course, contributes to an increase in steps taken daily by walking to the bathroom. Over and over. Yay for my pedometer.)

I’m going to Pilates class. I used to LOVE to do Pilates. I also used to be flexible. So far, all that has happened is that I have determined the extent of which I have lost abdominal strength (result: all), and it feels like I’m doing the movements with an inner tube around my waist. It isn’t pretty. Even my instructor was fighting a giggle as I struggled with the roll over, where you slo-o-o-wly – and smoothly – raise your legs from a flat-on-the floor position to basically parallel to the floor, but over your head. I don’t think your instructor is supposed to laugh. If it becomes too much, I know I have options such as wearing a waist trainer to help with creating the appearance of a flatter stomach and a smaller waistline. But I’ll see how far I go with doing pilates for now.

I’m doing more cardio. Or as I call it, watching “House Hunters” on an elliptical trainer. (At least I’m only watching TV. The other day the woman on the next machine was playing Solitaire on the elliptical’s screen. SOLITAIRE! That’s crazy pants!)

I KNOW I need to add in resistance training, but in general, the only thing resisting is me. My gym has a variety of weight machines, but they are typically full of old people at my gym, and I don’t have the patience for them to work through a very slow set. The personal trainer I worked out with as part of the gym’s introductory package introduced me to TRX Suspension training, which was very cool as I like using my own body weight (and I do have a lot of it) instead of free weights. Unfortunately, the trainer wrote down my workout with no description/reminder of HOW to DO each exercise, and since pregnancy killed my short-term memory, every time I try to remember the positioning and movement I’m afraid that I’m going to get tangled up in the straps and hang myself. Nevertheless, TRX Training was fun and I might do it again if I have the time to do so.

Like this. I could be the poster girl for how not to use the equipment at my gym, as this is what I must look like every time I go near the damn thing.

Lastly, I’m trying to get more sleep, as I’m told that my late nights are keeping me from shedding the pounds. I’m trying, but honestly, I am most functional mornings and late evenings, where distractions are minimal…maybe I should change my goal to getting to bed early once a week, for starters. And by early, I mean before the dog goes to sleep for the night.

How is this all working for me?

Well, over the weekend I dug out my summer dresses and cocktail dresses to have a try-on before packing for our spring break cruise.

And promptly went online to sign up for WeightWatchers. Wish me luck.


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    I love the picture!! It fits so many situations!

  2. Jenn, do what you like to do exercise wise…..adding weights is really important….find some guidance there with how to do so safely. To lose weight the most important thing is what you eat….not how much you exercise. I know noone wants to believe that. I’ve found success with paleo, just in terms of finding out how my body tolerates dairy and grains. I learned so much from that elimination diet and still eat paleo 4 years later. If WW isn’t working, try something new….commitment is the key….for a month or 6 weeks be really strict and see where it takes you. Good luck. You are not alone in this.

    • Kate, I’ve worked out with a trainer since my 20s, so I’m ok with the equipment I know. The TRX just has me lost, but I really like it.
      And I know, bottom line, it’s the food. I wish I could stick with Paleo as my friends who have look fantastic but it was too strict for me. I have cut back on dairy and grains, though, and eliminated as much prepared stuff as I can. Baby steps and lots of water. Weight Watchers does look great when I’m on it. Its when I am not tracking AND I make bad choices that I get into trouble!

  3. Ah, that was my laugh for the morning, but in each laugh we see ourselves. And you were definitely also talking about me, right? Very funny post. Good luck to you!

  4. Me too! It’s been hard, I think it’s because of all the cold weather and snow – we’ve all been so housebound, plus I’ve been cooking up pots and platters of fattening food to combat the cold, so just keep packing on the pounds. It’s not a pretty picture, let me tell you 🙂 Thanks for the funny post, glad it’s not just me!

    • Oh, my dog hates me, we haven’t been going on walks because the snow is too deep and half of the sidewalks have been buried…thanks for stopping by!

  5. I don’t think you’re alone Cathy! My gym has been super busy for the last couple of weeks. I’m guessing that spring vacation has scared a lot of people back into exercising.
    All kidding aside, this is a great post and kudos to you for getting back to tracking nutrition. A pain, I know, but it works!

    • It’s funny, the gym was a ghost town after the New Year when it is typically mobbed due to New Year’s resolutions!
      I think we’re all gearing up for spring break, lol!

  6. Ahem, apologies for mis-naming you Jennifer. I got distracted by Cathy’s response just above mine! (I get distracted very easily 😉 )

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