Sugar Gets Her Kajizzled


“I can’t have any candy or cake until spring!” my daughter’s friend announced quite matter-of-factly in response to my daughter’s offer of a piece of cake.

“When I eat sugar, it makes me crazy! I get all kajizzled!

This is no surprise, as she is a very energetic little girl all on her own (to put it mildly), not unlike my own. I can relate to the sentiment, as my girl gets downright mean when she eats chocolate ice cream. (You don’t even want to see what happens when the sugar buzz from gelato kicks in.)

What I was impressed by was the flat acceptance of her mom’s pronouncement.  What would my kids do if I told them “no more” to the sugary goodness that often finds its way into our house?

That’s easy.

They’d be rolling on the floor, holding their stomachs with laughter – knowing full well that neither parent would be able to stand up to the new rule themselves.

We LOVE chocolate. And cake. And chocolate cake. And other stuff.

In moderation, of course.

(Unless you are my husband, who can easily cut a hefty slice without guilt or repercussion. The bastard…)

Either way, I’m downright jealous of that mom’s total authority – the ability to have her voice heard even when she’s not there. My kids are pretty good with the “my mom doesn’t let us do that” when they have friends over here.

But out of sight? I gotta wonder.

Oh, and then end of that story?

As my daughter stuffed her pie-hole full of (a very small piece of) chocolate cake, she stated (through a mouthful) “Me too. Chocolate makes ME craaaaaazy.”

Which is why they are playing loudly in the basement.

And yes. Mine is a bit kajizzled.


  1. Lissa Johnston says

    ‘Kajizzled’ sounds so naughty. I am totally stealing it!

    • Isn’t it hilarious? I nearly choked on my coffee when she said it the first time (and I thought she said “jizzled”, which sounds even naughtier.)

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