For the Love of a Twitter Name


On Twitter, my user name is “Mommy_grrl”.  At the time, it was a bit silly and fun. We called my daughter “Maddie-girl”, and the kids and the Hubs referred to me as “mommy-girl”, and well….

…it seemed like a good idea at the time.

One new follower asked if the “grrl” meant that I was snarly, and I could (and still can) be snarky, so I thought maybe that would take the cutesy off the username.

It doesn’t.

I was an early adopter of the Twitter, and at the time, there were all kinds of goofy usernames (and still are). I don’t think any of us fully realized how it – or blogging, as I started blogging back in the early days of that, as well – would grow and change to the point of needing to consider such things as “branding” and what have you.

And then things spiraled. As my blog grew, I created an email address to go with it, and built off the mommy_grrl name. Yikes.

As more time has passed, I’ve come to realize that I am outgrowing my “mommy_grrl” username. I’m more than a mommy, after all.  To be honest, at blogging conferences I feel a little uncomfortable using it, as I always feel like I need to explain how I came to it…and even that sounds a bit hokey and sentimental.

And since I already feel like the queen of the dorks, stammering and stuttering like Ricky Bobby in Taledega Nights, I don’t really need anything to add to my inherent awkwardness.

But what do I change it to? My blog name is disappointingly taken (and in several forms, so I don’t want to go that route, too confusing). My real name? I don’t know if I want to go THAT far. The name shown on Twitter is also taken, in each and every form.

And it isn’t just as simple as changing my name on Twitter. It would mean reprinting business cards, updating information everywhere on the interwebz, and risking losing followers (which, surprisingly, is the least of my worries. Go figure.)

But since I feel a bit dorky every time I type in my ID or my email address, and I feel a bit disloyal to what I’ve created, maybe it’s time to graduate to a new (twitter) name, one that is fun and cool and not dorky.

How hard can that be?  (Accepting any and all ideas. I have none.)

I know. It’s silly. It’s probably irrelevant to most people.

A First World Problem, indeed.

What about you? If you are on Twitter, where did your username come from? If you’ve changed your name, too – I’d love to hear about it!




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