No Pressure, Just Pinterest

Earlier this month I signed up for NaBloPoMo with the hopes that it would spur me to write daily.  Ironically enough, this month’s topic is “Pressure”.

I will admit I have been writing a lot more.

Unfortunately, much of it has been crap and no amount of editing could get me to hit the “publish” button.

(No amount of pressure will get me to post crap, at least, not knowingly. Except for this post, perhaps – the way it is going.)

Thursday – oh, I plugged away. I was really enthusiastic.
And then I wasn’t.

So yesterday, I was finally on a roll. And then I started to feel a little light headed, and took a break to lie down on the couch.


I had every intention of getting up, and then my little girl cwtched up next to me, and I had to stay put, because it was so lovely and sweet.  Therefore, no post yesterday.

I felt awful when I woke up. I felt a bit under pressure, I admit, looking around to see if the NaBloPoMo police were after me.

Today, I took one look at the post I had been working on and promptly deleted it, blaming my enthusiasm on an excess of Midol and coffee in my system. I made myself a cup of tea…settled in at my computer….and almost immediately, got distracted.

Damn Pinterest.

But doesn’t this  look yummy?

AND THEN I got to thinking about my son’s class Valentines party that is coming up in a few (ok, FIVE) weeks, and how a month before the Christmas party we were pooh-poohing planning because we had time (until it was a week before and we hadn’t thought about it) so I started to look up party ideas.

And then Pinterest distracted me from my Pinterest searching and I found THIS:

It’s a Twinkie “minion” for Valentines Day from the Crabtree blog and Miss M is obsessed with Minions lately, so i think I may have to make my own version. This year, I want to do homemade Valentines for both kids. Because, you know, I don’t have enough to do.

No pressure, right? Nope. Just distraction.

I love Pinterest.

I hate Pinterest.

I wonder if there is a Pinterest board for “pressure”?

Of course there is.


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