My Husband’s 50th Birthday

Today is my husband’s 50th birthday.


I’m now officially married to a geezer, as he received his AARP card application late last week. As I’m a mere 45, I’m struggling with the idea that he has hit the mid-century mark. Where have the last ten years gone?

And while the increase of “wisdom” in his hair over the past few years might betray his age, at heart, he is still a big kid who can giggle right along with the kids when the fart jokes kick in (if he isn’t the instigator of them…) or dress up with his daughter to play pirate or spend the afternoon with Boo kicking around a soccer ball.


As we are the midst of a deep freeze with serious wind chill here in Chiberia, my husband asked to have his birthday dinner – and birthday cake – last night – just in case the weather worsened to a point where I couldn’t cook his steak. The man has his priorities straight.

As we sat around the dining room table, Boo said “At school, my teacher asks us on our birthday to tell him one thing we learned over the past year. What is your one thing?”

The Hubs answered “I learned that, with you behind me, I can do anything.” He nodded sagely, adding “And not to walk on an icy driveway at night!”

You see, a week ago today he took a nasty spill on the ice in our driveway, cracked a rib and suffered muscle spasms in his back for a good few days. And while it was obvious he was in a lot of pain those first few days, what was even more apparent was how he frustrated with his inability to help and irritated with all the sitting around (his pain was tolerable once he was settled, so we didn’t want him moving around much). We have heard of people telling us about taking cannabis (for medical purposes) from a website such as to help control and manage his pain. But it seems that we’ve found a way that makes it tolerable for him, but we definitely know where to turn too if the pain gets any worse.


My husband is not an idle man. He is a doer. He is a planner. He led countless field walks and explorations while we lived in the UK, and initiated many an outing since we’ve returned. He is a natural leader. I love that about him, because I am a homebody and he forces us all out of our comfort zones (and out of the house).

He’s also stronger than anyone I know. His 49th year was such a tumultuous one, laden with stressors – moving home, taking on mounting challenges at work – and yet his biggest worries were for those working under him, and how to balance the long hours he had to put in with family time. He has a kind, stubborn heart.

Do you know what else he is?

He is a terrible softie. He feels deeply and laughs at himself if sheds a tear or two. When Boo gave him his birthday gift – a lovely poem, which led to a few tears of happiness escaping – Boo said “I hoped I could make you cry!”


We love that kid.

I love that man.

“He charges forward triumphantly”.

That he does.



And not to discount Maddie’s efforts, the family would not be complete without him.

Or his fart jokes.

Happy birthday, sweetie. We love you.

May you your 50th year be your best one yet, and may you have another 50 more, filled with love, family and good health.

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