Nitpicking to Perfection

While I’ve enjoyed this break, the weather has been wretched and as a result, we’ve been spending a lot more time than usual in the house. (Read: we’ve barely left the house.)

While I love having all this free time with my kids, who are kept busy with school, homework, reading, sports and dance practices, I confess that the ONE thing I could do with LESS of is the constant nitpicking that goes on between my children in close quarters. If one says “the sky is blue”, the other would say “actually, it’s snowing RIGHT NOW so the sky is actually white.”

It came to a head midmorning, and before I could erupt, I took a deep breath (embracing my inside voice), I explained calmly to my 9-year-old that he didn’t have to correct EVERY last word that escaped from his sister’s mouth.

Me:  “Really, Boo, the nitpicking has to stop! I mean, honestly, not everything in life has to be perfect!”

Boo:  “But what about my math tests?”

Me:  [Crickets chirping]

Boo:  Silent air fist pump as he turns on his heel and walks away, with a knowing look on his mug.

Kid: 1, Mom: 0.

Well played, young man, well played.




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