My other son, Kevin

Did you know about my other son, Kevin? He is so quiet, most days I forget about him…

As I brought Maddie into her preschool classroom this morning, her teacher asked me if I had another son, Kevin. I started to reply “No”, when I realized where this conversation was headed.

I said “yes, as a matter of fact, Sam has a brother named Kevin. Sometimes he is older, sometimes younger, sometimes taller than Sam, other times shorter than Maddie. I often mistakenly sit on him, and yes, he is quite often responsible for making Maddie cry, or for the toys spread about the room.”

You see, Kevin is Sam’s imaginary brother.

He’s been living with us for about a year now. He must sleep a lot, or travel often, because we don’t always hear about him. Apparently, he’s grown quite a bit, because he is now in high school.

Mrs. Killick said “We were quite surprised to hear about Kevin. Sam said he was in high school, and had many tales to tell about what they did together, and where he was. We didn’t think you were quite old enough to have a son in high school (Editors note: She gets a grand Christmas present for that comment, thank you) but thought, perhaps your husband might, from a previous marriage or the like.”

He was quite convincing! His own teacher did say he was quite the thespian!

No wonder I’m so tired lately. I have three kids, not two!

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