He Just Doesn’t Get It. (He’s Lucky He Doesn’t Get a Brick To The Head.)

Friday was a bad day. A BAAAAADDDD day. Everything was going wrong, I was frustrated, fed up, and I lost it.

I needed to vent, and I totally ranted to the Hubs, then to my mom – over the phone – while I had a houseful of tradesmen working on my kitchen.

Like it wasn’t bad enough I was storming around with chronic bitch face, I let the f-bomb drop more than once. (Thank goodness mom overlooked it.) I let a few choice words fly.

Ok. To be honest, if we were still keeping up with the swear jar, I would have stuck ten bucks in it and called it a day.

It wasn’t like me. I mean, I have been frustrated this past week but I usually do a good job keeping my mouth shut until I’m alone.

And it was only later that I realized “Ohhhhhh. That was just PMS.”

I really need to mark my calendar.

* * * * *

I was talking to the Hubs as he was making his long commute home from work, and admitted that I was a bit embarrassed that I lost it, but not that much because I was crabby, uncomfortable, had lost the heating pad (again) and needed about a pound of chocolate cake and some vodka. Or Baileys.

He replied “Like that is gonna help!”


You would think after 10 years of marriage the guy would just know to swing by Target and bring home Oreos or brownie bites or SOMETHING.

But no. After 10 years of marriage, he STILL thinks the chocolate craving thing is bull.

He just doesn’t get it.

And yes, he’s lucky he doesn’t get a brick to the head when he makes those kinds of statements.

(After all, I could probably get away with it on an insanity defense. If you heard me storming around the house on Friday, you’d back me up on this one.)

Now excuse me while I go root for a Hershey bar and a brick. Or something.


  1. Kristy Boyd says

    The chocolate craving is real. It doesn’t make you feel better but it is one check off the list of things irritating the hell out of you. HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

  2. Thom Higgins says

    Early in our dating phase, my then girlfriend, now wife, had a bout of….unreasonableness, shall we say. When I returned to her dorm room a few hours later, I had a bag of Hershey Kisses and as the door opened, I began pelting her with them, yelling, “Back! Back!”. I knew I’d either get a laugh or an ex out of that. The brick never occurred to me. She laughed AND enjoyed the chocolate. That was one of those things that made her a keeper, I guess.

  3. Thom Higgins says

    And to kill two birds with one stone, we were at the Hershey Store at Niagara Falls this weekend, and they had a five pound bar of chocolate. That could act as a brick. Use the weapon, then eat it to hide the evidence.

  4. Blaire Madewell says

    A Snickers or a Heath bar! Hubs and I have been married almost 5 years. There has been more than one occasion (probably more than ten, but why count them?) that he has walked in from work took one look at me and turned around and left. No words. No stupidity. Just leaves. He comes back 20 or so minutes later with a bottle of loveliness (usually white wine) and a snickers or a heath bar (king size, of course). I am not necessarily proud of this, but it make me happy that he doesn’t try ruin the whole “I’m-hostile-and-I’ll-kill-you” vibe until after the chocolate is gone.

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