I Love Coffee like I #LoveBrewOverIce (and a giveaway!)

I love coffee. I RUN on coffee. (It even says so on my business cards.)

What fuels my need/love of coffee is my Keurig. Mine was a Christmas gift from my mom when we moved back to the US. She said she read loads of reviews on sites like GreatCoffeeBrewers to make sure she found the right one and did she! My husband rolled his eyes and said “what do we need another coffee maker for?” (Trust me, he doesn’t say that any more – not when he can get his super dark roast brew and I can have my civilized medium roast. To each his own, eh?) Of course, with more coffee makers, the more my addiction is fuelled! I’ve been looking into all sorts of equipment to try different types of coffee, like roasters, filters, and pour over kettles for pour-over coffee preparation (you can view the full list here of pour-over kettle reviews I’ve been looking into). However, I think my husband would freak out if I got any more equipment to fuel my coffee addiction…I’ll have to talk him around!

So of course, the first world problem which arose out from the kitchen reno that started today was: where do I put the Keurig? How do I FILL the Keurig? (I have really tiny bathroom sinks…) And most of all – WHERE DO I GET ICE FOR MY KEURIG?

*disclaimer – when we moved back from the UK, which is the LAND OF NO ICE, I didn’t unpack my ice-cube trays because my new refrigerator here has an ice maker. I don’t know which box they are hiding in and I really don’t want to unpack my 12 boxes of kitchen/utility room goodies to find two ice-cube trays…but I digress…*


This summer, I have discovered something fantastic. Something YUM. I can make iced coffee and iced tea with my Keurig! Their line of products is called, simply, Brew Over Ice. All summer I’ve been drinking their Sweet Tea and their Donut Shop Creamy Iced Coffee, but I’ve recently discovered their Snapple line of Brew Over Ice iced tea (the peach is my fave) as well as their “fruit brews”. Today we (as in the kids snuck sips from my glass) tried the caffeine free Vitamin Burst Strawberry Pomegranate. It was really light and refreshing, just the right amount of sweet, AND full of antioxidants and B-vitamins, just what I need (because I stay up much too late. Drinking coffee, of course.)


Did you just say YOU want some of this fun, yummy goodness?*

Do you like iced coffees and teas and what have you? Would you like to try some of the yummy new flavors available from Brew Over Ice? Well, Keurig is letting me give away a great Brew Over Ice goodie pack! I’m giving away a sample pack just like I received:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner is…..

Madeline Brubaker!

And if you are feeling really lucky,

play the “Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes” game for a daily chance to win $10,000 or daily prizes!

(And even if you aren’t lucky, you can still be a winner. Head on over to the BrewOverIce website to download a $2 off product coupon and watch their Brew Over Ice video!)

* * * * *

Oh, and for those of you who are curious…my Keurig is temporarily residing on our bathroom vanity (where I discovered I CAN fill the water tank from my sink faucet) and I’ve loaded up my ice bucket (in the freezer) for when my construction guys finally have to disconnect the water supply to the ice maker. I will not go without!!! Perhaps those reading this might be interested in getting something like the tramontina ice maker for their icy beverage requirements!

Thanks to the Brew Over Ice people for letting me be part of their Brew Crew. While the Brew Over Ice sample pack was provided for free in exchange for an honest review, all opinions of awesomeness are definitely my own, and I am a proud owner of a Keurig.

Brew Over Ice
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  1. whittikere says

    Raspberry tea!


  2. I have to be honest – I haven’t tried any Brew Over Ice – I’m still old school and use my coffee press for overnight, cold brewed liquid heaven. I’m intrigued!!!

  3. I like the Sweet & Creamy hazelnut flavor.

  4. Peach snapple!

  5. micaela6955 says

    mine is the lemonade, I really want to try it!

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