Kissing the Kitchen Goodbye. (Figuratively. ‘Cause…Eww.)

Today I’m saying “farewell” to my current kitchen. Goodbye. See ya.

Actually, I’m saying “good riddance” and “don’t let the door kick you in the arse”.

People, do NOT rent your house out if you plan on living in it after the lease ends. (At least, not unless you secured a promise of a remodel as terms for moving 3,000 miles away, like I did.)


While she is functional and not horrible at a quick glance, on closer inspection, she is pretty sad looking, bordering on decrepit. The cabinet doors are hanging oddly (some broken), the drawer front fell off, the floors are gouged and the screen door is broken. The bottom of the cabinet under the sink is grossly mildewed and rotting out, thanks to one tenant who opted to try to connect the water line of his mahoosive cappuccino machine directly to the dishwasher’s plumbing under the sink…and broke the pipe…and didn’t really report it timely manner, OR dry it out meaning I have had to get a company out who can repair appliances to have a look at it. One entire corner cabinet is missing ALL the shelves. Wha the who?

There is a poorly placed air conditioning bent in the floor – right in front of the cabinet that contains the garbage & recycling. Which means, of course, that it is the perfect catchall for every crumb and whathaveyou that falls on the floor, and by the looks of it when we moved back in, the last time it was cleaned out appears to be the last time I cleaned it out before we moved. Four years ago…

Oh, and for some reason, someone painted the center of the kitchen ceiling. My painter has no explanation, but it wasn’t him. I’m praying that I don’t find something disastrous up there when they start to move light fixtures…but we’re thinking it was water damage… A friend of mine had a similar situation when they did their works to their properties, though they got N-Hance of Tacoma to handle the kitchen renovation and they looked at it for her. The results were amazing.

The contractor and project manager just left after explaining how they will try to keep the next 7 weeks from being hellish how the project will flow, and the crew is taping up the doorways in preparation for moving a doorway 30 inches to the right.

Until then, this is my “kitchen” – a microwave, some slow cookers and a panini grill, and a massive Weber grill that the hubs just assembled yesterday.


Since the only sink big enough to wash dishes is located in the laundry room…which can now only be reached by going outside, and then in through a side door, we’re breaking my rules of green and I’ve bought a load of paper plates, plastic cutlery, and Red Solo Cups. It’s killing me to do so, but, again, trying to cope. Thankfully, we’re going to keep the dishwasher as it has had a dishwasher repair but since everything else is moving about, it’s not plumbed in so paper plates really are my only option!

Ultimately, I’m super excited about the project, and will sigh a sigh of relief when they successfully move my refrigerator into my dining room and can run it without blowing fuses.

Ok, maybe when all the electrical work is completed. Yes, then.

Until then, here is a sneak peek at some of the materials we are using in our project… cabinets by Grabill, a tigerwood island countertop by Grothouse Lumber, light fixtures by Feiss, leathered Black Angola granite countertops around the perimeter, a crackle finish subway tile for the main backsplash, and a pretty tile from Julep Tile Company for the backsplash behind the range. I think we’re also gonna have to place an order on a website like Stonex as they have loads of great products that will be helpful for this renovation. I’m going to buy the best tools on the market so the kitchen looks as professional as possible. I really want the kitchen to look great so I’m not cutting any corners!

Pete DID say “better get it right/what you want as this is the ONLY kitchen you’re gonna get….”


Famous last words, sweetie.

Famous last words.

Stay tuned as we progress. I’ll be sharing updates, grill and slow cooker recipes (a girl’s gotta eat), hopefully some more “Friday on the Rocks” drink recipes (a girl’s gotta cope) and other bits of flotsam and jetsam as school starts back and a semblance of a schedule emerges around here!

In the meantime, if you have any tips on how to survive a kitchen renovation, please share in the comments below!!!



  1. Grandmom Phyl says

    Good luck, Jenn! We await your posts, and wish you survival!

  2. Nightmare tenants! I know about them. For me it was a costly septic tank disaster in addition to having to evict the deadbeat before allowing her to go into her 4th month of nonpayment of rent for the second time in a row. Good luck with your new kitchen.

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