This is Not My BlogHer13 Post.

Last Sunday I returned from a weekend in Chicago and the BlogHer ’13 conference. It was an AMAZING weekend, and I returned tired but exhilarated, motivated and enthusiastic. After a week of moving house, then a week traveling overseas to return to go to Blogher, I was excited to get back to blogging! I was focused!

And then I stepped into my house.

And LIFE happened.


First of all, I’m just going to tell you how stressful moving is. Even when you’re calm, you’re stressed. I think the only time I wasn’t stressed was when my belongings were in the removal van! I guess out of sight, out of mind. I would also stress the importance of a good removal company too. I have some very sentimental possessions and I would have been devastated if they were damaged or broken. We did a lot of research before committing to a removal company and trawled through sites like so that we could make the right decision. In the past 10 days, I have unpacked approximately 42 (more) moving boxes (yes, really), hung curtain rods, scrubbed floors and baseboards, organized closets, killed spiders, travelled to my hometown for a parade and day with family, dealt with workmen who almost sealed my basement (but didn’t after mentioning a 90% chance that the WALLS WOULD FALL DOWN, hello?), picked out granite countertops, built a bed for my daughter’s new American Girl Bitty Baby (and dug out the changing table for same baby), researched how to dispose of latex paint (add kitty litter to absorb the moisture, let it dry out and leave it for the garbage man, who knew?), managed plumbers snaking blocked window well drains (and pulling out toads, yes, toads), took the kidlings into the city to visit the aquarium, broke up kidling bickering, sorted out details for our upcoming kitchen remodel, picked burrs out of the dogs ears, pulled weeds that held the burrs that got in the dogs ears, searched through more boxes for a pan to bake brownies for the kids, got estimates for new gutters (this time I’m going to look into sites like for gutter guards so my new gutters don’t get as damaged as my last ones from all the debris, killed MORE spiders (I hate spiders), returned emails, watched Teen Beach Movie with an insistent nine-year-old, dragged whining kids to the grocery store, Target, soccer camp and soccer shoe shopping, made lists of things that need to get repaired and about one hundred other tedious-but-necessary things.

I wrote about eight blog posts. In. My. Head. My BlogHer take-away. The Expo. The sessions and fabulous people I met. A draft review of the Disney movie “Delivery Man”.

Every night, I have sat down on the sofa with my iPad, too exhausted/burned out to write, and, vowing to write in the morning, picked up a book, and escaped for a bit. Some nights, I even went to bed early (aka “10pm”). *gasp* Moving house is so stressful and I have a friend in London who’s going through the same stress. She found her dream property on Brinkleys and she’s now moving in.

I know that moving can be a really stressful time, and I’m really glad that my friend managed to find a place. Doesn’t matter where you want to move though, you might find that it will always be a struggle, particularly as you want to make sure that the house you are moving to is perfect!

You could be moving to London and struggle just like my friend did, or you could be moving to somewhere like Japan or even a place like Brentwood in the United States. Doesn’t matter where you are planning to move on, you still might find the whole process of moving stressful. Particularly, if you cannot find a place to live. Don’t forget to do your research though, as you might find the perfect place on a website like

Once you have found that perfect place, then the stress should hopefully be over.

I think the worst of the stress is over since most of the furniture is in my house now!

Each morning? Life. Out of control, again.

And tonight? I’m so over the disorganization, the lack of writing that keeps me sane. The mosquitoes.

I can’t do anything about these damned mosquitoes.

The house will eventually be organized. I’m a bit OCD.

But writing? I had to remind myself – writing IS a huge part of what keeps me sane. Hells bells, that was one of my big takeaways from BlogHer – I love to write. It is one of the things that defines me. It saves me. I owe it to myself to stick with it.



  1. Go for it Jenn. You deserve and need a little (or a lot) of ME time.

  2. Whew, I’m whipped just reading that list of stuff you did! You da (wo)man! 😉 xo

  3. Great post Jenna!! Just needs a picture of a Whirling Dervish!!

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