The Perils of Moving

Over the past few days I’ve written no less than a dozen posts. In my head. Where they should safely stay, as it has been a crazy week and I am prone to a good rant when I am frustrated. You see, this week, I have been moving back into our house after having been gone some four years, most of them spent overseas and the last six months waiting for our most recent tenants lease to expire.

And I can tell you, moving is perilous.

First of all, there is the waiting. Waiting for the contractor. Waiting for the carpet cleaner. Waiting for the paint to dry. Because, really, I’m not all that fantastic at waiting. And waiting in an empty house, with no wi-fi, nothing to do?

This is what happens.



See, I recalled the Hubs storming into the house one evening after looking at the progress of the painting. He was pretty disgusted with the abuse it has endured over the past few years and the amount of repairs required to bring it back to working condition. He growled “…and that laundry room is DISGUSTING. I don’t even want to go in it.” (As if….)

I thought I had better take a closer look at it – when I checked it out on first walking through the house, I saw a few stains on the wall and peeling paper.  But overall, not too horrible.


On closer inspection, however, there was more than a little bit of peeling wallpaper. There were stains, and stains, and dirt, and ice. All over the walls. And what is it with a little bit of peeling wallpaper that makes you want to pull?

My painter had mentioned that he thought it was vinyl, and wouldn’t come off with much difficulty (in comparison to the two layers of paper he had removed from my hallway and was at that time, floating the walls because they were in such horrid shape.)

Yep, he was right.

I don’t know if it is better now (as there are even worse stains underneath) but all I see now is potential.


Tomorrow we have to wait for the internet/cable provider to turn up and hook us up. I wonder what kind of trouble we can get into then?

Stay tuned for more DIY fun….


  1. Holy hell. Noted that renting a property that I want to live in later is a terrible, no good, awful idea. Thinking of you friend. Wine, lots of wine!

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