Wake-up Call

At 6:02 this morning, I was woken by a nudge in the back and a wet nose in my ear – the dog, looking for her breakfast and a play with the ball. She was terribly persistent, poking at my face with her paw and dropping her ball on my head until I gave up all hope of further sleep and stumbled downstairs.

The Hubs is away on a business trip, so I was somewhat expecting this. Macy typically wakes him around 4:45, and lately even earlier (because he possesses no thought process whatsoever before HIS first sip of joe and therefore is enabling her bad habits) to the point where he is letting her out to do her business and they both curl up on the sofa and go back to sleep.

So a 6:02 wake-up call, in my sleep-addled state of mind?

Total win for momma.

However, with each toss of the drool-and-grass-covered ball and every sip of consciousness-granting coffee, it occurred to me that, really, the dog won.



And we need to look into an automatic dog feeder.


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