I am only a DIYer on Pinterest. It’s a shame.

I am not a handy sort of person. It is a shame, as my father is the original MacGuyver who can give you the most obvious “why didn’t I think of that” solutions and is chock full of clever ideas. He can build or repair nearly anything (as long as you are very specific, as he once told me “I don’t do hypotheticals”) and had an enormous workshop in the garage when I was growing up. He is an electrician by trade, but also a welder, a carpenter, a regular Mr. Fix-it. Just don’t ask him to do plumbing, he doesn’t like it (although, Daddy, do you wanna help me take out the powder room toilet and sink next month? No?)

So my question is: why don’t I know how to use any fun tools? (Maybe because he thought I’d cut off a finger, or something.)  I can’t work a table saw, or a router, or a skill saw, or any of those other fun tools, aside from maybe a power sander. And a hammer. Kind of.  I didn’t inherit any of the skills, just the ideas.

See, the problem is, I have all these really great ideas. I go to craft shows and vintage shops, and say “I could do that”.

Could being the relevant word in that sentence. Because while I have great ideas, I don’t have enough faith in myself to execute. If you are like me, you have hundreds of projected pinned on Pinterest, but you haven’t actually done any of them.

crafty pinterest

This fall, things will be different.

Ok. Maybe the only tool I will heft is a paint brush and a power sander, but a girl has to start somewhere.

My first project will be something like this:



Susan over at HomeRoad just happened to not be able to get back to sleep one Saturday morning, and knocked out this little baby.

Sheesh.  I wish I had that kind of insomnia.  I don’t think I’m ready to take on the stamped faux Roman postmark, but I DO have this same Ikea cart and no use for it in my soon-to-be-mine-again kitchen, so I’m going to give it a stain and a coat of paint,  a towel bar like she did, adding on a vintage looking bottle opener that I found online, and she’ll be ready for the (late) summer season on our screened in porch. A lovely little bar cart, perhaps, or a nice place to set that cheese tray out of the reach of the spaniel.

My husband also has a cabinet that his dad made years ago from barn wood from the family farm. It has a vintage (i.e., “ugly”) speckled laminate countertop resting on top, and is probably the most interesting (eyesore) piece of furniture in the house. But his Daddy made it, and the Hubs is a sentimental guy.

I think that bad boy is going to get a bit of milk paint – which, by the way I have been dying to try – and a butcher block top from Ikea….and bingo, I’ll have a nice cabinet to use like a sofa table AND hide craft supplies in.

I’m also contemplating spray painting all our mismatched, beat up wicker furniture for this season (if I can actually find some cushions that fit. Therein lies the challenge, folks, when you have vintage wicker. And please, don’t say “just make some new cushion covers”, because people, I have no idea how to work a sewing machine. )

That is on my bucket list, too.

I have a really big bucket. Or list. Or whatever.

Stay tuned. There will be pictures.

This could get interesting.



  1. Aunt Lois just took out her basement toilet by herself. Got a lot of instructions from a customer at work. And she just turned 70. Have some faith Jenn.

  2. My DIY Pinterest board makes me look really crafty…but I’ve only attempted one or two things from it. I have lots of ideas in my head, but then the lazy kicks in!

  3. Gmom Phyl says

    I think Mr. McGuyver did not have the patience to teach his daughter to do all the things he could do. He’d rather just DO them.

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