On the Rolling Stones, and Sharing a Passion


Last night, the Hubs and Boo went to the Rolling Stones concert.

This was a big deal for both of them – to say that the Hubs is a HUGE fan would be an understatement, and he has shared his love for the Stones with Boo, and for my nine year old, well, this was his first “real” rock concert.  (No offense meant to Ralph’s World, Justin Roberts or the Imagination Movers…)

It was a big deal for Boo, too, because not only does he love the Stones, but he got to leave school a few minutes early to try to beat the Friday Chicago rush hour, and because he would get to stay up WAY past his bedtime, and because it was a special outing with just his Dad and no annoying little sister along.

They had awesome seats. Because I am an awesome wife/mom and I got them awesome seats. But I digress…

Waiting on the Rolling Stones


They arrived early at the United Center and took time to look at all the statues and memorabilia on display, which was also a treat as since his return to the US, Boo has become a huge basketball and hockey fan. (Note the Bulls tee!)

The concert was, in a word, “incredible”. It’s pretty amazing that the Stones have been performing for fifty years (I’ve read that their collective age is 274, which was a contributing factor to my decision to let Boo go instead of me, because, honestly, how much longer can they TRULY tour and perform?) The Hubs’ voice had an energy and enthusiasm that I hadn’t heard in a while, and he talked passionately about the performance, the playlist, the stage. He recounted that his favorite comment of the evening was overheard in the men’s room, when a slightly older fan likened the crowd to a “geriatric convention”, which, given how long those boys have been playing, could have been. His enthusiasm was evident and it was clear that this was one of those life moments that would stick with him, and with Boo.

What I didn’t expect to hear, as we sat on the grass of the soccer fields between matches today, was the passion in the Hubs’ voice recounted the evening to me. I don’t think I ever appreciated the love he has for the band, and how profoundly a part of his youth that their music was

I didn’t expect the power of being able to share that experience, that passion, with his son. That as he pointed out the intensity of Charlie Watts (the drummer), or the joy on the face of Mick Taylor, returning to play with the band, and seeing Boo get it, really get it, he would get emotional. That it would be such a powerful moment for him, this shared experience.

Yes, teary eyed. That’s my husband, bless him.

There is real magic in being able to share something, or someplace, that has real meaning for you and for which you have a real passion. To be able to share that love with your own child, something that found its way into your heart and have it have meaning in their own life – that is a gift given to both.

THAT is probably the best anniversary gift he could ever have been given, the best father-and-son moment, all wrapped up in a package of music and lights and experience.

Well, that, and a concert t-shirt.



  1. Was the t-shirt for Sam or Pete or did they both get one. Hope they did.

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    What a lovely post, Jenn. I believe you captured their experience in words. Thanks.

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