The 10-Year Anniversary is…Aluminum

Ten years ago today I married the love of my life. How do you celebrate that?  According to the interwebz, with aluminum, or tin.


Admittedly, this is the traditional gift. (The modern gift is, erm, *ahem* Diamonds.)  But, traditional we are…right down to how we met.

Have I told you the story of how we met?

It all came down to my mother.

You see, my building was going condo and they were converting my floor into model units, so the super needed me to move to another floor. After a long day of schlepping furniture and what have you, I was in NO mood to go out to a party.

My mother, tired of me still being single at 30+, had other ideas. “Go out. You might meet someone.”  Grudgingly, I threw on an outfit, ran a brush through my hair, and met up with my friend to go to a party that one of our quirkier friends was hosting.  Shoe-guy (as we referred to him, due to his love of shoes) had a very unusually decorated flat. We were mingling, as one does, and Shoe-guy introduced us to two single guys who were at the party as well. We got to chatting…and the not-yet-Hubs and I hit it off. We discovered that we both played beach volleyball, and I was looking for a new team to play on, and so he took my number so I could join his team.

Yeah, I fell for it.

It’s just like they say…you’ll meet the right person when you aren’t looking….

And, you know, I never did get to play beach volleyball with him that summer.

But 3 years later, here we are.


It took him a while to make up his mind, but I’m a patient girl. Some things – and people – are worth waiting for. See, Mom? I was being picky, yes, for a reason.

He’s endured mood swings, bad haircuts, bad hair days, failed dinners, a crazy spaniel that he swore he would not be walking (who now wakes him up at 6am for their daily walk), two moody, stubborn, lovely children, about six addresses, numerous passport stamps,  temper tantrums (some by the kids, some not), long daily commutes.  Together we’ve travelled in six countries, walked crying babies endless hours, gone to hundreds of soccer matches, ballet lessons, and battles with math homework. I have tolerated the crew cut (“has anyone told you he looks just like Simon Cowell?”) phase that he went through.

3,653 days. Together.

He’s a wonderful guy.


I’m a lucky girl.

Rare picture together


As I mentioned in an earlier post, he and Boo are going to a Rolling Stones concert tonight. Yes, it’s our anniversary, but heck, Boo is a bigger fan than I am and quite frankly, Mick Jagger might not have many years left in his swagger, so I’m letting the boys go have their fun.

Next weekend, the kidlings go to Mimi and Papa’s house, and WE are jetting off to Savannah, Georgia, for a weekend together.
Without the kids…the first trip alone since Boo was about a year old.

And that airplane? It’s aluminum, right?

(Work with me on this one.)

Happy anniversary, honey. I hope we are blessed with another 50 more.

You have been totally worth the wait.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Pete.

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Great couple!! Good thing you were patient, Jenn!! I remember your sisters in law told you not to wait TOO LONG for him. You waited JUST LONG ENOUGH!! HOO

  3. What a great story! My Hubs and I will celebrate 20 years this fall…most of them have been happy… 😉 Found you via ‘Jenny On The Spot’.

    • Wow – 20 years! Congrats on that!

      • Susan Bisbee Werner says

        Yep, it goes too fast. We’re Gmom Phyl’s friends, which is how I found you. We just celebrated 42 yrs. though we had to wait 41 yrs for our 1st Grandchild. We’ll never catch up to Phyllis.

  4. Happy anniversary to you and Reese! Wishing you a great time alone on your trip and to the next ten years. HUGS

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