Starting Over. Again. (Or, I’m going gluten/dairy free.)

While I like the idea of the new year being a great time to start over and try to eliminate bad habits or form new ones (good ones, that is), I have no problem admitting that I suck at resolutions.

I mean, heck, in my New Year’s post, I specified the things I would do *this year*.)

Um. Yeah. To date, I’ve kept zero.


I don’t know if I’m more disgusted with myself over my neglect of the blog (*brushes off cobwebs*), or of myself (*brushes off cookie crumbs*). Although I suspect they are related… but that is another post. Tomorrow, perhaps.

And there is the slight niggle that absolutely none of the clothes I did manage to pack for warmer weather fit comfortably.

Oh, and the 5k I have to run in June is fast approaching. So is swimsuit season, and a lot of the mommies around here are fitness freaks, which means bikinis. For them. Not me. I need a cover-up, or an actual cabana. Yes, I’m digressing.

Whatever it is, I need to find motivation, and fast.
I need direction.

I need a plan.

Plus, since I’ve been back, I’ve made zero progress with the doctors on finding the source of this wretched “no, really, I don’t have the plague” cough that I’ve been suffering with for THREE YEARS.  It’s not the asthma, I’m told. It MAY be silent reflux, but so far none of the four medications they’ve put me on have worked.


Last week, I made a vow. Time to change what I eat, and see if I get any respite there.

Today, on the first of May, I would COMMIT. (Maybe that should have been “be committed”…)



For the month of May, I am going gluten-free. Dairy free. Exercising daily (and dog walks no longer count as exercise unless we are both running the Couch-to-5K program.)  I will write daily – journal, blog, whatever.  I will listen to my Slimpod, Fitpod and Stresspod daily. I’m going to ease up on processed sugars.

I will count to ten and breathe when my spawn children get so mouthy/whiny I want to scream at them. Or I’ll go into my bedroom and scream into my pillow, and THEN deal with the attitude thing.

Oh, but I’m not giving up caffeine or alcohol. I wouldn’t want to be around me if I had to go cold turkey on everything, particularly iced tea now that I can actually find it.

Not that my coffee is going to be great without cream in it – but at least that will keep me out of Dunkin’ Donuts.

It’s not going to be easy. I’m a somewhat limited veggie eater. But…

31 days sounds manageable. It’s not like I’ll never eat another Oreo again, or have a chocolate digestive with my afternoon tea.



Um, yeah. After today’s run/jog/stagger, I’ll get back to you on that…





















  1. I had to go dairy/gluten free because of stomach issues. Coconut creamer is great in my Dunkin’s but I miss my wake-up wraps. 🙂

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