The Gallery: New

New year.

New country.

New schools.

New minivan (on the other side of the road.)

There has been lots of change for us thus far in 2013. The kids are adjusting to new teachers, a different curriculum, much, much more homework, making new friends….

…but one of the toughest “new” aspects is found within the temporary living quarters that we have a the moment: sharing a bedroom.

I shared a bedroom with my sister for years, and I know how tough it can be, so I can’t imagine having to share a room with a big brother (or from Boo’s perspective, with his little sister).

Despite all the petty battles, too-late-because-he/she-is-talking-bedtimes, bickering and poking, they are finding ways to co-exist.

Tractors and tiaras. Princess pink and John Deere green. Finding a balance.

Maybe new isn’t all that bad.

* * * * *

This post is for week 126 of The Gallery: New


  1. what a gorgeous photograph. Someone told me that room sharing really cements relationships and sibblings get on better?!

  2. Great photo. Our two still share a room. They had to in the old house because we only had two rooms. They chose to continue sharing when we moved, even though we now have a spare room!

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