Isn’t It Lovely? (A Review of ValMax Children’s Wear)

My 6-year-old is turning out to be as much as a clothes horse as her mama, and she has pretty specific ideas about what she likes. She loves pretty dresses in particular. I love clothes that don’t make her look like a baby or like she is dressing for her inner 16-year old, and believe me, that isn’t easy to find these days. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a piece from the ValMax Autumn-Winter collection,  I jumped at the chance.  The look-book showed fabrics lush with texture and rich in color, and when I opened the box, I was not disappointed.

My first impression was one of surprise. The rich golden shift dress wasn’t one I had seen in the look-book, which was full of deep pinks, mocha and sage green fabrics, and it had a lovely weight to it that I haven’t really seen in children’s wear – it was obviously high quality fabric. I was interested to see what Pea would say, as I’ve been trying to break her away from the pink-purple palette she has long favored.

She. Loved. It.

I think it looks very sophisticated and sweet at the same time.

Even she thought she looked beautiful.


 ValMax is an Italian label that has been designing luxury children’s wear for 52 years, and that experience shows in the construction of this dress.  The first thing I noticed was that this dress was fully lined! (I think I only have a few fully lined dresses in my own closet.)   The detailing is spectacular – look at the collar.

 It took a few minutes of Pea spinning around before I even realized that all the pleats – along with the collar – are lined in a gorgeous deep red satin. Wow!  I was interested to learn that Valmax uses local artisans and all seams are hand-bound.


Pea turns 7 in March, and this dress is an 8, for reference. What I really like, as well, is that while she definitely has room to grow – she’ll be wearing this dress for more than a year – is that it is so beautifully cut that it doesn’t look big on her.

I’m really wowed by the dress, and both my UK and US peeps will be pleased to hear that the ValMax line is available on BOTH sides of the pond.

* * * * *

*Disclosure: dress provided by ValMax, but all opinions are my own.


  1. She looks so grown up. And you are right, so different from her usual pink and purple.

  2. Beautiful dress!! I didn’t see the red lining in the pleats on skype. But even prettier is the Maddie model!

  3. She really does look so cute in this dress. The detail is amazing and I love the red inside the pleats…it’s a retro but so today design and is gorgeous!

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