Resolution Schmezolution

I suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions. (Including, obviously, the one I make every year to quit swearing.)

This year, I’m not going to resolve to lose weight (despite the fact that I am really, REALLY looking forward to joining a big, impersonal fitness center just as soon as the kids go back to school next week.)

I’m not going to resolve to be online less. As. If. (Although, I will not be online between school pickup and the kids’ bedtimes.)

I’m not going to resolve to try a new recipe every week, or get that photo album caught up, or anything else that is going to make me feel like a failure. (I know damn well that my daughter is going to be organizing that photo album herself. In about 10 years time…)

This year, I’m going to find joy.

This year, I’m taking time for ME.

Rediscover my love of writing and write for the sake of writing, and not for getting out x blog posts a week.

That said, this year I’m going to really commit myself to my blog. And writing. And photography.

I’m going to make a greater effort to BE in the moment with my kids. I plan too much, and worry too much, and miss too much of the RIGHT NOW. I’m not resolving to worry less – heck, worry is somewhere in my DNA between talking with my hands and stammering when I am nervous (ok, so maybe the latter is in my head and not my DNA, but I’m not worrying about it, ‘kay?). But I’m going to try to be in the moment more.

I will not stress about living in this tiny town house. I will not drive by my OWN house 5 times a day, wishing I was living there instead. (On the upside, having only ONE bathroom to clean means more free time for me!)  I will not freak out about having to back out onto the very busy street we are living on (although I may find myself parking around the corner and walking here during the day.)

This year, I rediscover myself.

And if I can lose 10 20 pounds in the process, bully for me!

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