Things I Will Miss

The first question on anyone’s lips to me, lately, is “are you excited to be leaving?”. The second most asked question is “what will you miss?”

The first is an easy question to answer, as the answer is “no”. Of course, if you had asked me if I was excited to be going back, the answer might be “yes”. (If I was moving back into my own house, it would be a slightly more confident “yes”. But for now… think I am. And yet not.)

As for the second, well, it is a silly question.

First and foremost, I will miss my friends.

I will miss my hairdresser (see, Nadine, I’m listing this separately, lest you think I just miss you for the haircuts). After years of being butchered and disappointed, it took moving to a very tiny town in Wales to find the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. Go figure.

I will miss running an errand in town and having it take TWICE as long as it should simply because I run into people I know and stop for a chat. Shopkeepers included.

I will miss the long views from my kitchen window, or from the car window, or across the fields on my dog walks.

I will miss my dog walks, which some days might take up to two hours, just because we are wandering across fields, up hills, (avoiding cows), just being. And believe me, I am NOT a nature girl, but this place has very nearly turned me into one.

I will miss seeing my spaniel run with GLEE, off lead, down paths and across fields, madly chasing a bird that she will never catch, or playing joyfully with another dog we’ve come across.

I will miss my twice weekly coffee dates.

I will miss bacon baps, sausage rolls and beef and potato pastys. No, these things do not exist in a similar form in the US.

I will miss Welsh cakes (that I don’t have to make) and hot cross buns.

I will miss the little hardware store in town, a wonderous tiny place that carries everything, where they meet you just in the door with a smile, and a “what do you need?” – and when you hold up the item you need to replace, they lead you to it. (and may well climb up to get it down for you.) ¬†When people say that there is no customer service here in the UK, I point them to Jones Hardware Store. (They are the exception to the rule.)

I will miss assigned seating in the movie theaters. Silly, you may say, until you’ve arrived late to the movie and learn that the only two seats left are in the very front row, at opposite ends. It’s quite practical, to be honest.

I will miss going out for a Sunday Roast. There really is no equivalent to the Sunday roast dinner in the US, unless I want to make it myself.

Following on that thought, I will miss Aunt Bessie’s frozen yorkshire puddings, because, honestly, I never have gotten the hang of making them from scratch, and don’t bother telling my how easy they are to make. I haven’t done it right yet.

I will miss hearing “aw, bless” and “Hi ya” said cheerily on the school playground.

I will miss this place.


  1. I’ll miss you!

  2. I started thinking last that my god this is your last week. Hoping you have everything ready and are able to enjoy your days left. See you Saturday..

  3. Dear Jenn, what a beautiful piece. I have a lump in my throat. I,too, will miss visiting Hay, and thinking of your family in that idyllic place.Nadine is a one of a kind friend. Nadine, do you have skype, and can you chat and cut hair that way?? The last picture, with the beautiful light shining through the clouds over Hay, sends golden wishes and blessings to all who inhabit Hay. N

  4. Nadine Harrhy says

    Arrrrh thank u,thank u,thank u. I will miss u,but so looking forward to a life time of visits. Haircuts will have to last longer that’s all xxxx

  5. I love Wales. However, the weather is rubbish.
    Good luck on your return home and Aunt Bessie Yorkshire puds are the best!

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