The Gallery: Eyes

How knowing, how trusting was the look in the eyes of my newborn son.

How that struck such joy and terror at the same time. As much love as I felt for him, the first twinges of “can I do this?” were setting in.

Those eyes of his were so shiny, bright, wide and full of wonder.

Sometimes the look was one of awe.

Other times? The look showed more a question of  “you DO know what you are doing, right?”

Those eyes show everything. The hint of a smile when he is telling a fib (he does not lie well, yay for me).  The hurt that flashes across them if I respond too sharply or yell when my patience runs short. The pride that glows when he knows he has done well. The love…and yes, the embarrassment, when Mom wants to give him a hug. Even when he doesn’t want to be seen getting that hug.

How wide they grow in surprise. How sad the look when he is hurt.

Those lovely brown eyes are huge, and they show everything.


This post is for week 124 of The Gallery: Eyes.


  1. Such gorgeous eyes x

  2. Beautiful boy, beautiful eyes. And both are beautiful pictures. x

  3. Beautiful big brown eyes – love em! x

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