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I love to really. Really, really love to read. When I was young, my mom had to force me to go outside to play, although I’d much rather have been curled up with a book.

That hasn’t much changed.

I still have some of those books. Well, I have some – the full set of Little Women, Caddie Woodlawn. Some E.B. White. There is also a box of Nancy Drews still at my mom’s house. In the meantime, I’ve amassed quite a few more books. There are books on the sitting room shelves, in the guest room bookshelves, on night stands, on end table shelves. I have a few more books in the attic, boxed up, because I couldn’t part with them but there is no room in the house we are renting. There is a fairly good chance that there are more in storage back in the U.S. that I didn’t bring over with me, that I’ve forgotten that I have. Since once upon a time I wanted to illustrate children’s books, we also have a healthy collection of picture books (some which were purchased before I ever thought about having children…)

It probably didn’t help, being a book addict, that I moved to Hay-on-Wye, aka “The Town of Books”.

Let’s just say my library has grown tremendously since we’ve moved here. (And we won’t begin to discuss how many books I have on my Kindle account, either.)

I’m sure the local librarian would be tsk tsk’ing at me if she read this, as she has scolded me before, that “books are free at the library”.

I inherited my love of books from my mother, who despite her admonitions to “go outside and play” generally had HER nose in a book, as well. Fortunately, I’ve passed on my love of reading to both my children, who are avid readers as well. I’ve always done voices with their story books, and Boo is starting to do voices for his books, too. (Never mind that while some characters start out with a Scottish accent they end up sounding Pakistani, or like Scooby Doo. He tries.)

I love that they enjoy reading their school books as much as their story books. I also love that neither of them is too old yet to have a story read to them, either, nor are the too old for their favorites – but instead of me reading “Where the Wild Things Are”, or other favorites to them, all cwtched up in bed, they are reading them to me. I have a hard time saying no when we are browsing through bookstores and they find yet another book to add to their own growing libraries at home.

Seeing my kidlings lost a book? It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. What a beautiful post, I love reading to my children and hope as they grow they will have a love of books just like me. x

    • I do think children do what their parents do, and being read to is, sadly, something that not every parent does. I think sharing your love for books is the way to capture their own interests – particularly when you can find books that reflect their interests.

  2. lovely post and great photos.
    Hay-on-wye is somewhere I want to visit – what a wonderful place for a book lover to live.

  3. Jenn, I hope you can do something professionally with books, when you return to the US. Write, illustrate, host events in a bookstore…………… name it!

  4. Jan Ameday says

    Happy to see you still love the art of getting lost in reading. I never pay for kindle books, Plenty of great free ones plus classics. Enjoy!

  5. They do look completely lost in that photo, a lovely sight because its bonding without saying very much to each other. 🙂

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