So I’m Not Actually Silent on Sunday….

I’m not so good at being silent on Sunday. (Or any other day, really, but I digress….)

Some days I post a photo, but really, I want to tell the WHOLE story.

This is the post-script to today’s “Silent Sunday” post.

Weekends are for exploring. Quite possibly my favorite place in all of this lovely town is the Warren. I walk our mad spaniel there several days a week, exhausting us both throwing sticks into the river for her to fetch. And mostly return. (Some get eaten. Bad dog.)

It has an ethereal quality, particularly on days that are a bit overcast.

Sunny days are stunning, but there seems to be more of an energy underneath a blue sky and blazing sun.

We often back a cooler bag (which makes me long for an insulated back pack) and a blanket and walk there with the dog. Since Boo learned to ride without stabilizers, often he and the Hubs will ride their bikes ahead while Pea and I mosey along. There are lots of blackberry bushes along the riverside path that leads to the Warren; many get little sunlight, and so are only ripening now. We tend to pick them as we go, nibbling them and turning our fingers purple.

I’ve posted photos of this magical place before, I’m certain, but I don’t care. I write stories in my head of the fairies that must live amongst these tall pink flowers, and how rude they must find my bouncy spaniel.

It is a place that sparks my imagination and calms my mind.


  1. You have beautiful pictures and we will beautiful memories.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why you would ever want to move home. I wish we had someplace like that to go explore without a million other people there at the same time.

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