In Which I Make A Big Announcement. And Try Not To Cry.

I have BIG news.   And, OMG – NO – I’m not pregnant. (Hell to the NO, those of you who thought it….)

It is with a conflicted heart that I share this: We are moving back to the US. At Christmastime.

That’s 12 weeks away.

While we figured this would be our last year here, we thought we had until mid-July, or at the minimum, June. However, with management changes back in the US, the Hubs has been offered a new position which will have the majority of his responsibility based in the US. It was a tough decision to make, but if he was to be in the States three weeks out of four, we had to weigh the challenge of being without him for those weeks vs letting the kids finish out the school year here.

It was a tough decision.

While part of me IS looking forward to moving back (hello, walk in shower with water pressure and a BIG hot water heater….oh, yes, and family, too), I’ve come to realize that this move will be even harder than the move here.

Pea was three when she came here – there is very little about home that she honestly, truly remembers, other than her friends Ella and Molly, and her first cousins and grandparents. HERE is her life, here is where her memories lie. Sure, she’ll make new friends again, but…golly. This is hard.

[Note: I know word has leaked out here but I haven’t been allowed to actually say much because the “official” announcement is due to be made today tomorrow.  My apologies to those who didn’t hear it from me – but if you tell your 8- and 6-year old big news, and then the announcement of such is delayed, well, it’s impossible to expect an 8- and 6-year-old to keep a secret THAT big, and in a small town, news travels fast.]

So in the next 12 weeks, we will be figuring out where we will be living (our house back in B’town is rented until June), what we need to sell from here (and what I can throw away), how to get the kids registered in a new school, timings, how I can convince my friend Nadine to move with us because I don’t want to find a new hairdresser she is my best friend here….and all the while remembering to live (and not just plan), and to squeeze in as much as we can.

To leave with a minimum of regrets, if any. (The list of places we haven’t visited is far too long.)

I don’t want to look back and say “I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time [insert stupid thing here].”

I don’t want to waste a(nother) minute. *sniff*


  1. Jimmy McCarrens says:

    Nice to know we come right after a warm shower

    • Sorry…I wrote the post right after I had to shower (ie, rinse the damn nit treatment out of my hair) in ice cold water. There was much swearing involved….

  2. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness back home! Don’t forget us here in the drizzly but friendly UK though ok? And… KEEP BLOGGING!

  3. Exciting AND sad indeed 🙁 Just think of it as ‘just another adventure’ 🙂

    • I have to keep telling myself that just coming here was a blessing and a fantastic opportunity in itself, so I shouldn’t be sad to leave but grateful for being here. Thanks for the positive thoughts!

  4. But wow – that is HUGE news. And such an exciting next phase (once you’ve organised the logistics). Happy news – don’t feel sad!

  5. Wow, Good luck with everything lovely x

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