I’ve Been Sucked Into the Black Hole that is Pinterest….and I Can’t Find My Way Out

I love Pinterest. Pinterest is full of really fabulous ideas. And I like pictures.


I am starting to hate Pinterest.

Pinterest provides me with all kinds of inspiration. Some of which is leading me to obsession. Why? Because, dear friends, some of those pins are a year old now. AND THE STORES NO LONGER CARRY THIS STUFF!!!!

Take my master bedroom. (No, really. Someone take it and fix it up. I need to live closer to Canada, as I really need Candace Olsen at this point.)  My bedspread is (counting on my fingers…and toes) just over 10 years old. People, that’s ancient in the life of a comforter. It has served well, but is coming apart.  I’m not a fan of duvets (mostly because I hate to iron with a passion, and I have yet to find a duvet that comes out of the drying looking presentable) and duvets are pretty much all I am finding here.

But I digress.

Currently, I’m obsessing about these two rooms – first, the yellow one (isn’t that bird print FANTASTIC?). I love it with the blue/green walls – so soothing:


and this blue one:

Source: thelennoxx.com via Jenna on Pinterest


Unfortunately, the first photo is linked to a now-defunct tumblr page; the latter IS linked up to thelennoxx.com but is a non-working link, and I have been all over their website with the hopes of tracking down that color/texture of coverlet.

Sad, I know. I HAVE moved on to using them as inspiration, and looking for something similar. (See? Moving on…)

I don’t know what it is about blue and yellow, but my last two bedrooms were  a light green, and I don’t want green. (Yes, I had the SAME comforter in each. We also painted the bedroom in the last house the SAME green as the first. I was so uninspired…) I doubt the Hubs will go for grey but I might be able to make this one work.

I have, on the other hand, sorted what I want for my guest bedroom, which also needs an overhaul, as the current coverlet is a cheap and cheerful satin one I grabbed from Sainsburys in desperation. It is very pretty, but basically the pillows and anything else you set on it sliiiiiidddde right off. Unfortunately, the guest bedroom is a low priority. Especially since the bed is usually partly covered in clothes from the drying rack, and piles of outgrown clothes from the closets. (Partly, because the rest of the stuff has slid off the satin…)

I have a pretty seafoam-ish green coverlet in storage, but I can’t figure out how to make it work with a light blue wall. And, it is in storage. In Chicago. Buried deep in a box. Did I mention our storage locker is packed full? Yeah, so that is no good, either. Also, my memory is quite sieve-like, so while it could be seafoam-ish, it could also be more sage. (All I know is that it didn’t quite work with the brighter green of our walls.)

Which all basically means that my obsessiveness has me trolling the interwebs, both UK and US. I’ll worry about shipping costs when I find it, whatever it is, unless I find another inspiration photo on Pinterest.

Also, it is very easy to led off on a tangent.

Which is how I found this. I LOVE this.


And this. This is  chocolate chip brownie cake. In the slow cooker. Or, tonight’s dessert. With a scoop of ice cream. Nom.


And thi…oh, hell, just look at her entire board. Hi-larious. You have to love a board titled “Pinterest You Are Drunk”.

And this. Which is appropriate, if you are wondering how to break your OCD tendencies to your house guests.


No worries, I won’t be braiding loo paper any time soon. Not with stuff like this out there. (Oh, just click on the image and it will take you to Pinterest to see it full size. Just come back here to finish the post. Please.)

Source: barnorama.com via Lisa on Pinterest

Ok, so maybe I need an intervention. A PINtervention?
Just wait until I find new bedding, ‘kay?


  1. Those toilet rolls are awesome! Confession … when I saw them, the first thing I did was go into my bathroom and rosette the roll.

  2. don’t know if you are still obsessing over the bedrooms..but the blue comforter is from
    the Gap…have it in my bedroom and love it, but it is easy to snag the stitching…pricey but
    i got it on sale…

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