Some Days

Some days you wake up with big plans for the day. Goals, people. A timeline. Things to do.

And then ONE comment derails you. Sets the wheels in your head spinning. Or grinding to a halt. (I'm indecisive about my metaphors. Shoot me. It's been that kind of day.)

The upbeat mood you woke up with is gone. Oh, how I WISH I was a roll with the flow kinda gal, but I'm more of the curl up in the corner and eat cake while having an anxiety attack variety.


Some days, you can't control your temper, and you take that foul mood out on everyone around you. You rant. And then you delete, delete, delete on Facebook and those three blog posts you wrote but thankfully did not post.


Some days the dog knows you're sad and she doesn't leave your side. All day long. Even when you pee. Which is basically annoying but kinda sweet at the same time, in a weird kind of way.


Some days, you have to take all that anger and frustration and crumple it up in a ball and hide it under the sofa cushion like a candy bar wrapper you're nearly caught with after swearing you're going to lose that last ten pounds, so that you can pick up your kids from school with a happy face. It's a mom skill.


Some days your bestest friends know there is something wrong and call and call and text to make sure you are ok (I really need to remember turn that that ringer on – sorry) and your other bestest friend emails you from work and is the calm voice of reason which you need and which is why you've been friends for soooooo long.


And then some days in the middle of the chaos and the headache and the mess you are called outside and see something like this

and you realize that all the crap is just a blip in the bigger picture

and you take a deep breath.


And maybe wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end of that enormous rainbow, because THAT would surely pay for a kitchen remodel with enough left over for new shoes.



  1. Take a deep breath. It will all work out.

  2. A gorgous photo on a day you needed it.

  3. A rainbow can cure any bad mood…and that is one serious rainbow! Life is still good even if someone peed in your Cheerios 🙂

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