The Gallery: Emotion

We are emotional creatures. This is true. Happiness. Sadness. Joy. Despair. We feel so deeply.

So imagine how it must be to those who don’t understand emotions. Or cannot control them.

Little things are heartbreaking. The smallest thing can cause the hugest frustration.

It’s no different for mine, but in particular, for Pea.

Like everyone, she has her moments. Of anger.

Of frustration.

But as quickly as these emotions overwhelm, they pass. She can switch from frustrated to happy faster than anything I’ve seen (short of someone bi-polar, which she is not. She is simply Pea.) A quick count to ten, a few deep breaths, and she is calm. And then she is off running and happy.

And when she is happy?

 She is joyous.

Simply joyous.

This is week 109 of the Gallery: Emotion


  1. LOVE this. What an expressive face your little girl has – I can almost hear the laugh coming deep from her belly in that last picture. Brilliant.

    • That WAS a big belly laugh and it is so BIG you can’t believe it is coming from such a little thing! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. This is a wonderful piece, Jenn!!

  3. Lovely collection of emotions 🙂

  4. She really does have a wonderfully expressive face! What a fantastic set of photos.

  5. Kristine Hess says

    Love your thoughtful words (almost) as much as I love the pictures.

  6. What fab pictures. x

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