An afternoon at the Castle

Indulge my while I post a bunch of pictures (after all, its my blog, and I’m gonna post them.) Not much witty writing at the moment.

One recent Sunday afternoon showed forecasts of warmer weather and sunny skies, so we hopped in the car and headed to Hampton Court. Its a lovely castle and gardens, and we really had the most wonderful day.

The castle was simply gorgeous. I’m hoping to head back some afternoon to tour it (and maybe stay for a full tea).

The gardens were truly spectacular.

Boo insisted on trying to open the door. We explained it is just like the fairy doors that he and Pea have in their rooms – they are magical, and only fairies could open them. We couldn’t decide if this was a hobbit or troll door, however.
Of course, any proper castle has a maze on its grounds. This one was lots of fun for all of us. Also a good way to run off excess energy….

The tower at the center of the maze. The third doorway was open, and allowed you to walk up steps to the top of the tower, or go down to the “dungeon” – where there was a tunnel to a sunken garden.

After a nice lunch together, we took a long walk along the river. The path eventually lead to a play area. The kids were delighted by two swings hanging from a massive tree, and had a great time just jumping on the logs.

Pea had to give the bear a REAL bear hug, Pea style!

However, all good things must come to an end, and apparently, there IS such a thing as too much fun – or there is when a little one gets overtired. But we’ll be back!

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