Learning Football

Learning to call soccer “football” has been the biggest challenge for me. Oh, I can sort out that french fries are “chips” while potato chips are “crisps”, and that one never refers to one’s pants as pants, but instead they are “trousers” (as your pants are your underwear, and that snafu is sure to get everyone around you sniggering.)
But for whatever reason, “football” seems to escape me, and it drives Boo crazy.
Today he had his first practice with the Hay Under-7 football league. He was very excited to put on the full football kit. He is wearing an Arsenal uniform for no other reason than it is red, his favorite color. We aren’t into arsenal betting or anything like that!

Of course, having his two best schoolmates playing with him certainly boosted his enthusiasm. I’m so happy he has met C and S. They are delightful little boys, full of energy as he is, and cheeky to boot. We love them!

Here is a big hug after the first game. Boo shares the same name as this handsome fellow – so of course they hit it off the very first day of school. Boo’s teacher says they also work very well together in class, which is wonderful.

Aren’t they adorable!

And of course, no Saturday morning practice is complete without a post-practice roll down the hill. I’m guessing the coach didn’t run them hard enough if they had this much energy!


  1. Maybe just his favourite colour but Boo couldn't have chosen a better club 🙂

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