Quiz and Curry

The Hubs and I attended our very first “Quiz and Curry” night, a fundraiser put on by the school a few weeks ago. Having no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we were admittedly a bit nervous about it.

After all, British sports and pop culture are not are strong points!

We were paired up with another lovely couple. The lads wandered off to bring us back drinks. (Open bar, of course) while we bought raffle tickets. (I think at any gathering of adults, whatsoever, someone is selling raffle tickets for a fundraiser. I’ve been quite lucky!)

I have to admit, it was quite hard! 12 rounds of quizzes, stopping for a dinner of curry in the middle. The headmistress did throw in a couple of questions for the Americans present. (Talk about pressure! Thankfully, we DID know which of the Great Lakes is the largest.) Whew.

We blew it on the ABBA round, as well as the sports round. Did fairly well on the music round.

We came in 7th, so not bad. I did win a bottle of sparkling wine in the raffle!

However, I will still argue that in the “standard” Monopoly game, the property that comes last alphabetically is NOT Whitehall Station, but Vermont Avenue. I stand by my answer!

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