Shopping, revisited

Moving here, I was warned that shopping would be a totally different thing – options would be much less, stores far away, everything a drive….blah, blah, blah.

Perhaps 10 years ago, this would have been an issue. You see, I think all the nay-sayers forgot about the internet.

And forgot about how small, really, the country is (in comparison to the States.)

So…the car seat I ordered on Monday? Delivered Tuesday.

The American food I ordered this morning? (Hello, Goldfish crackers and Aunt Jemima pancake syrup…) Just received an email it was shipped today, and will arrive in the next day or so. And shipping rates are very low, and often free.

Sure, I can’t get everything I would have bought back in the States, but that is half the fun, discovering new products and styles.

And its fun to get something in the mail, occasionally, other than a bill!


  1. Gettysburg Mom says

    I never even considered what life would be like with a toddler and no goldfish crackers. It's an ugly glimpse you've offered. A very, very ugly glimpse. [Me shuddering.]

  2. Hence, I am paying the god-awful price the online shop is asking for Goldfish. (And don't ask. Its too embarrassing.)

    Please, someone, send more Goldfish!

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