The Stealth Resident

After the Hubs and Boo received a proper haircut at a proper barber here in town (gents stay out of the salons here, then, and only go to the barber shop), and it was time to head home, a Very Tired Pea (for whatever reason, apparently watching Nickelodeon in the morning is exhausting) demanded that I carry her home.

As I had carried her into town, and was properly exhausted from that, I told the Hubs that I wanted to go to some bookstores and ran, leaving him to carry home a screaming Pea. All. The. Way. Home.

(So, if you live in Hay, please note there was NOT a child abduction today. That was merely my overtired 3 year old, making her displeasure heard.)


So I finally popped into to a couple bookstores to supply my habit, and then wandered round to the clothing shops to have a look. I’ve been wanting a pair of tall boots with no heel, as the high heels on my old boots are not made for the walks back and forth to town. Finding a pair that fit the bill, I took it to the counter to purchase them.

The shopkeeper thoughtfully inquired if I wanted them without the box, as I had to ship them home. I replied, no, I’d like the box, as I live here.

This, of course, always seems to cause (quite unnecessary) embarrassment and flustered responses! Apologies are made, and so on. I mean, honestly, I live in a town that thrives on tourism AND my accent is pretty darn foreign for the neighborhood, so it is an honest mistake.

Basically, the gist of my conversation with the shopkeeper was that, (meant all in good fun) I’m a stealth resident. People think I’m a tourist, and why shouldn’t they? However, in more than a few instances, people note the accent, and go on with their conversations as if I’m a bit invisible. Not realizing that the person they are speaking of, well, I have met them. Oops. (Yes this has happened once.)

Probably would be considered a bit unfair, actually, if they were the objectionable sort, me sneaking around, not letting anyone know I’m not a tourist. Shopkeepers do seem to be a bit surprised to learn that we have moved here, and most people have a genuine interest in us. (To which the shopkeeper added that people moving from a big city might find people in town just a bit nosy. I find it much better than living in a place where the people don’t give a whit about you!)

I still can’t get used to, by the way, people stopping me and telling me “I just LOVE your accent!” (Accent? What accent?) Oh, yes, the MIDWEST accent that my husband loves to make fun of.

I had thought that perhaps I needed to make myself a shopping bag that read “I live here”, but now I think I need one that says “Stealth Resident”.

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