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Right now, the word “sport” can only conjure up one word: “Olympics”.

We’ve been glued to the TV more than normal, rooting on sporting events I’d normally not spend twenty seconds watching (no offense, shot putters and women’s weightlifting). Even this weekend in Cardiff, where we had travelled to watch two quarter-final football matches, instead of taking the kids to Techniquest or otherwise exploring a city we enjoy, we were in our hotel rooms glued to the television. (When we weren’t in the swimming pool, that is, with Boo swimming laps, perfecting his own strokes. Inspired, I suppose….)

The women’s match, Japan vs Brazil, was quite exciting. (And that’s something, as my love of soccer typically only extends to my son’s activities.) It was a bit sad, to be honest, to see all the empty seats. These girls played hard.

Saturday night’s event had a much bigger turnout – Korea vs the home team, Team GB.  I was wearing a Team GB shirt, catching a bit of grief from a local lad in the Apple store. I explained that while we were indeed American, we were also rooting for Great Britain, having lived here for three years and counting.


 It was pretty exciting to be in Millennium Stadium. The atmosphere was contagious  (although I was ready to throttle the vuvuzula owners).

Team GB lost in the shootout, and we left a bit disappointed, but feeling fortunate for the experience. This is an Olympics my children are likely to remember.

This is week 109 of the Gallery: Sport


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    Great photos, Jenn!!!

  2. What amazing pictures. x

  3. Awesome pics! We have been here for three years too and were totally rooting for Team GB. Looking forward to the closing ceremony too!

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