Foreign Food

I know we have moved to a different country, and so food will be different. Going to the market has proven that, while we eat the same food (generally), preparation is quite often different. Prawn crisps replace BBQ potato chips on the store shelves. Hot dogs look like hot dogs, but aren’t…quite….right.

However, the full extent of the realization that we ARE indeed in a foreign country shows most fully in the lunchroom at the primary school.

On the FIRST day of school, Boo said “I didn’t eat the peas and carrots, but I did eat the rice and the chicken in sauce. It was good!”

Said chicken in sauce was curry, by the way. I’m most proud that he tried it when he didn’t even know what it was.

Ain’t peer pressure a wonderful thing?

Yesterday I asked Boo if he ate his dinner, and he said “Yes, but I didn’t like it”. (thank goodness for growth-spurt related hunger.)

“What was for dinner today?”

“Some kind of meat”, he says. “What kind of meat?” I asked. “I don’t know, it had stuff on it”, he said; “Can I have a cheese stick?”, dismissing the conversation.

Today, I spoke with Pea’s teacher regarding meal choices, and learned that the mystery meat was roast beef and gravy. “Some kind of meat”. Huh.

I also learned that there is a lot about the hot lunch program here that I didn’t know. Like, in addition to the hot lunch choices (the main meal and a vegetarian alternative), the children also have a choice of a ploughman’s lunch (either a ham, cheese or jam sandwich) OR a jacket potato (otherwise known to us as a baked potato.)

I only discovered this when Pea’s teacher took me aside yesterday and said, once again, she only ate her pudding. Not surprising, as she really only eats crisps, fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt, cereal and white bread at the moment, but it was nice of her to tell me. She then told me Pea could just have a sandwich…hmmm.

Would it make me a Bad Mommy if I wait a few weeks (’til the end of the first menu rotation) to tell Boo that if he doesn’t like what is offered, he can just have a ham sandwich?

(Bwah ha ha ha ha.)

Yes, it probably would. Give me my Bad Mommy button, please, I’m going to make sure he tries as much of the dinners there as he can (before he completely rebels.)

Today, thankfully, is fish fingers and chips, for the both of them. No sammies yet for Pea – can’t have her all mad that everyone else is getting french fries and SHE only gets a cheese sandwich!

Now I’m going to sit here an mull over what other information I don’t yet have.

Like the school calendar.


  1. Gettysburg Mom says

    I am pretty sure my nine year old son would choose a slow death by starvation over those meal options.

  2. I think the meal choices are probably pretty startling for any American kid – they are really healthy! Nothing there comes in a plastic wrapper.

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