The Gallery: Delicate

This week’s Gallery theme is “Delicate”. I could take the obvious route with this one and post a photo of a fading flower, or a dew-kissed spiderweb in the early morning hours, but as I’m just returning from a two-week holiday, the first week of which was in an environment that posed its own unique challenges with an emotionally charged six-year-old, I’m going a different direction.

My daughter is, in her own way, a force of nature. Strong willed, opinionated, independent. Bull-in-a-china shop mentality if she is tired. Which means, at times, she must be approached carefully, delicately. She can’t be pushed or rushed, heaven help me. She’s a sturdy little build, and the Hubs often says, lifting her, that she is no longer a delicate little flower.

And yet, she has her moments. She is all girl. Precious. Sweet.

And, yes. Delicate.

This is week 108 of the Gallery: Delicate


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